Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekly Recap 06/16/08 - 06/22/08

Prelude, Sunday night: I called home and was talking to my old man. He suggested going for a run since everything seemed to stop changing with my knee. His philosophy: If it hurts and you run, or it hurts if you don't run, you might as well run! So... I cautiously gave it a shot!

Monday: One mile. It was raining, but I still kept it to one mile. Pace: 7:58, heart rate: 174

Tuesday: Rest, duh!

Wednesday: One mile again. Still feeling pretty good! Pace: 8:03, heart rate: 172

Thursday: Takin' it easy

Friday: Two miles. Hooooeyyyy, progress! Pace: 7:48, heart rate: 177

Saturday: Being a bum.

Sunday: Two miles and change. Pace: 7:47, heart rate 176

Total: 6.4 miles


Hey, look at that! Doug's running!

So as usual (is it bad I have a "usual" for coming off of injuries?), my speed sorta stuck around while I was getting out of shape, but I have ZERO endurance. At the end of two miles on Friday, my quads were already starting to ache. Also, my heart rate is simply out of control. I guess thats what I get for doing nothing at all for a couple months, huh?

Regardless of what shape I'm in, it's GREAT to be running again.

By the way, the triathlon I was supposed to do with TNT is today. Good luck to everybody out there!


Nancy said...

Congrats on running again. I'm glad you're back. Hope it goes well.

Steve Stenzel said...

Good luck with the continued running!!

Stuart said...

Good to see you on the path to the comeback.

Bummer about the Tri but there'll be plenty of others.

Bill Carter said...

Hi Doug

Say what you want, but you are... BACK!

Best of luck with the running, biking, and swimming. Notice I put running first??

Marci said...

Glad you are back to running again! Hope all is well :)