Saturday, June 28, 2008

Weekly Recap 06/23/08 - 06/29/08

Monday: Rest.

Tuesday: Ran 3 miles. New post-injury distance. Went well.

Wednesday: Rest.

Thursday: Ran 3 miles again, just to make sure the distance is safe.

Friday: Rest.

Saturday: Ran 4 miles. It felt freaking hot outside, but I was also dumb and didn't bring anything to drink. Four miles is definitely the threshold of when I need to worry about hydration. Knee felt fine, but this run kicked my butt.

Sunday: Okay, it's not Sunday yet, but it'll be a rest day.

Total: 10.4 miles

Resting HR: 66 bpm


Okay, Bill. You're right. I'm back. I've run every other day for the past two weeks with very little noise from my knee. I'm still being --very-- cautious about stretching, icing, and what not. I don't even dare run without my knee brace, either. In a week or two I might try a mile or two without it, but no promises there.

Next week I'm going to try and go swimming some time, although I'm going to avoid any TNT or Master's practice because I really don't want the "Holy crap! Doug's back!" response when I'm just jumping in to swim (read: thrash around for) a couple laps.

I still don't trust my bike. I just have a gut feeling biking would be a bad idea. If I find out swimming works again, I'll try giving the bike a shot. Until then, though, the bike will have to simply do it's job leaning against the wall in the other room.

I hope all is well in your worlds, mine is definitely starting to shape up again.


Run For Life said...

Awesome!!! Good luck with the swimming.

Nancy said...


Take it up slow, and be safe. :D

I'll be watchin ya. hee hee I'm so glad you're back at it with no pain. Take care.

Nitmos said...

I'm pulling for you. Seems like you've been struggling with injuries since blazing in with that 17:25 in the 5k. It'll come around...eventually.

Ax said...

Great to see you running again, Doug. Hope things continue to progress smoothly. Good luck!

Steve Stenzel said...

Glad you're being cautious with the knee. I do the same thing, even though I'm nearly 100%.

And try taking off the brace sooner than later. There's some research out there that says to only wear a brace if you absolutely have to because it alters your natural stride just enough to maybe cause other problems. I used to always wear a brace. Now, I never do. If it hurts too much without a brace, I just don't run (but it's been months since I've had to stop).