Sunday, February 15, 2009

Building a Super Knee

I've been a bad blogger the past few weeks, no joke. But I thought I'd throw in a quick update.

Physical therapy is going really well. Since I last posted, I've made a lot of progress; I've definitely crossed the line and am better now than I was before surgery. My physical therapist is constantly butting up against the limits of what he's "allowed" to have me do at 2-3 weeks out, so a lot of the exercises are getting pretty damn easy.

Friday I got to jump on the elliptical, and got my HR up over 150 without a peep from my knee. I've also been working on walking increasingly longer distances so I can start walking to campus again, and today I made it pretty comfortably.

This next week we're supposed to toy with some "light impact exercises", and see how it reacts.

Thats all for now. Catch you guys later.


Run For Life said...

It sounds like a new knee! :)

Stuart said...

Awesome news, looks like you're gonna come back stronger than there was ever any doubt!

Greg said...

Good luck!

I have had two knee reco's and some minor work

It is a long road but woeth it

Bill Carter said...

Hi Doug

You are going to come back better than ever. For someone who is as young as you are, this seems like a terrible thing at the time. But I promise you (I am a lot older and allowed to do that) in the big scheme of things this is just a short term setback.

Glad to see you got that heartrate up and that must have felt good.

Best of luck.

Stuart said...

How you doing...what's the latest?