Monday, February 2, 2009

Eww, knee pictures

I'll start with a "close up." Maybe you can see it, maybe you can't. The quality on my camera wasn't quite good enough to get the details that great. The bottom bone is my femur, the top one is my knee cap. If you look carefully, you can see a nice groove that my femur has been working in my knee cap. After surgery, that groove is still there, but the rubbing shouldn't happen anymore.

The rest of these pretty much go without explanation, so they just get captions.

The sleeve after getting the bandage off.

View of both incisions

Side shot?

Further away

Front shot. And my crotch (croppings for losers)


nwgdc said...

You were groovin' pretty good down there, huh. Thanks for sharing the pictures...they're fun to see!
(Sans crotch from here on out, though, please)

Run For Life said...

Thanks for sharing the pics! Did you shave your other leg to match? ;)