Friday, April 4, 2008


A few months ago Chuckie V had a post classifying individuals based on two properties: motivation and ability. The four categories and their results are, essentially, as follows:

  1. Ability and motivation = champion
  2. Ability but no motivation = frustrated coach
  3. No ability but high motivation = frustrated athlete
  4. No ability and no motivation = couch potatoes, smokers, alcoholics, etc

Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I fall into category three lately. Motivated as hell, but my body just doesn't cooperate. Now, I'm not saying I lack talent. I know I have talent when it comes to running and even biking and swimming are shaping up recently. However during the last seven months, I've been injured for five of them.

This = frustrated athlete.

Big time.

Especially right now with spring coming around. We're having days where its 60 degrees and sunny. All the fair weather runners are even coming out, and I can't take advantage of it. I'm glad they're out there, I like seeing healthy people do what they enjoy, but to say I'm not jealous would be a flat out lie.

Lately, my knee has been shaping up a little bit. It's feeling halfway like a normal knee. This week I was going to start swimming without the pull buoy again, just to test things out before I go and pound my knee on the pavement.

Except, I couldn't.

I woke up Tuesday with a sore shoulder. It hurt pretty bad to lift my arm so my elbow is above my shoulder, kind of like a tendon is rubbing on a bone during the motion. I was hoping for it to heal up quick, but apparently my body isn't into that in 2008.

So right now, I'm flat out gimped. Can't run. Can't bike. Can't swim.

I swear, I'll be consistently upbeat again someday. Eventually. Until then, someone's gotta go run for me. Go get 'em Nancy.


Marcy said...

:-( Hang in there homie. Hell I'll order some pizza and beers and we can chill together ;-) I'm always looking for a reason to hang.

Ax said...

Oh man, Doug, I'm sorry to hear things aren't going so well for you. Hang in there. Be patient, try to stay positive, and you'll make it through.

Nancy said...

OH. MY. FREAKING. GOD. I swear, WHILE I was running today, I was thinking I was going to come find you and tell you I did 8 for you today. It was really hard in the first mile and I decided, Doug and Wendy would love to be out here. I'm going to keep going because they can't. That is just karma, dude.

Christine said...

aww man! that sucks. I feel ya on the careful with them. I never listened to mine...and ended up with 6 pieces of hardware in my left one. Take it easy...I'm about to invent rolling down a hill as a sport.. you in? Its for those of us that wrecked our shoulders AND knees. Ya doesn't involve joints...just a nice round belly to pad the rocks that may be on the hill..haha.

Nibbles said...

Really sorry to hear that, Doug. Try to hang in there.

Stuart said...

You and me both...let's go and get wasted!

Run For Life said...

Aww, well I say being frustrated is not unwarranted right now so just concentrate on trying to hang in there. We're all hoping these setbacks will end for you a.s.a.p.

Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

Doug, hang in there! Things are gonna look up eventually...hopefully soon!