Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekly Recap 04/07/08 - 04/13/08

Monday: Headed out to Russell Cave and biked a little under 10 miles. Felt great to move, knee spoke up very slightly but I might have been listening too hard.

Tuesday: Knee felt great today, went to the pool to swim. Swam normally. Knee is starting to shape up!

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: Biked around 10 miles at Beaumont Circle.

Friday: Swam before class, including 800 yards nonstop, without the pull buoy!

Saturday: Rest day, volunteered at the Master's swim meet

Sunday: Biked 45 minutes on my trainer (lets call it 12 miles).

Total swim: 1.5 miles
Total bike: 31.75 miles


Well well, things are finally starting to shape up. As long as I do everything in moderation, I think I'm in the clear with this knee. I stuck to the plan Eric gave me after fitting me to my bike, and so far it has been working without causing too much flare up in the right knee.

Saturday I decided to go help out at the Master's swim meet University of Kentucky hosts. I think I caught the bug. I'm pretty competitive (big surprise, I hope nobody fell out of their chairs on that one!) so just seeing the meet got me thinking "hm, I wonder how hard I'd have to work to get to that level?" And, to be honest, I may just find out over the next year or so.

In other news, I finally sent in my busted Garmin to get fixed. Bout time, huh? I went and picked up a trainer for my bike for days that the weather sucks, too. Ended up getting $40 off since I'm with Team in Training, not bad! And although it's pretty noisy, I talked to the guy that lives below me and he doesn't seem to mind too much; he said it sounded like I was drilling a hole in the floor for 45 minutes though!

This next week should, hopefully, be a repeat of this one. Except one thing. The one thing thats been missing. Wednesday, if I can get permission from my coach, I'm gonna go ahead and attempt another run around the block and see how the knee responds. It's been four weeks since I've ran at all, and six weeks since I've run anything significant, ugh! I'm really hoping to break that streak soon, but if not, biking and swimming will have to keep me sane (that term is relative).

Hope everyone had a great week!


Jess said...

Good luck with the experimental run this week, Doug!

Nancy said...

Sanity certainly is relative. :D

Nice work on all the other activity. I hope the knee cooperates. I think you might be getting faster than me in the pool. I figured it was only a matter of time as hard as you work. Nice job!!