Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ankle Update

Today was a pretty unproductive day. On days I can't run I lose a lot of motivation to do much else, too. The story of my day was mostly ice, wrap/thaw, massage, stretch, repeat; all while playing video games or browsing the internet.

I had one class to go to in the middle of the day, and I made my way there and back without too much trouble; although I'm sure it wasn't doing my poor ankle much good. I gave myself twice as much time to get to class, since I was walking horribly slow.

By the end of the day, my ankle is feeling fairly good. Although thats what I thought last night too, and it wasn't the case in the morning! Tomorrow morning, if it feels as bad as it did this morning, I'm going to cancel my Saturday run too. If that happens, my training schedule for the next few weeks is going to get revamped a whole lot and my 3 week taper is gonna look more like a 2 week taper.

Nothing I can do now but be patient and keep up with the R.I.C.E. If I try to push it, who knows how long I'll be out of the game!

I hope everybody else's running is going good!


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Jes said...

I'm sorry. I hope that it gets better quickly! Until then, try to enjoy yourself somehow and keep your spirits up.