Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Weekly Recap -- 8/13 to 8/19

I decided I'm going to try and make a habit of posting a weekly summary of my training; doing that every day would be overkill. So here is this last week in a nutshell!


Monday: Rest day, I really need to get out on the bike again!

Tuesday: Ran "hard" with the 5:30am group, I didn't get a spectacular workout in, but it definitely wasn't just an easy workout.

Wednesday: Recovery run on my own, 5.56 miles averaging 7:41/mile

Thursday: Tempo run with Jeff from the 5:30am group. The meat of the workout was 6 miles around 6:40 pace, with two miles cool down.

Friday: Resting up for the weekend.

Saturday: 21 mile long run out at Todd's Road at 6am. First 16 miles at a relaxed 8 minute pace with whoever would run with me, I took off at 6:30/mile pace for the last 5 minutes to make it a fast finish long run.

Sunday: This was supposed to be a nice, slow, 10 mile recovery run. Wrong! I ran with the 6pm group starting at Commonwealth Stadium. I thought the pace would be relaxed, but the middle 5 miles ended up averaging 7 minute / mile.

Total miles: 52, a new high! Also worth mentioning, I had 80 miles over 9 days!


This was one great week of training. The long run went amazing. My ankles are mostly behaving, although every now and then there is a little discomfort when I walk around. I've been making a habit of giving it a one-two punch with heat and ice even if its not hurting just to give it a reminder to behave!

Next week, or I guess now it would be this week, is a step back week. I'm cutting back the intensity a little bit and am planning to run 35-40 miles.

On a non-running note, I was surprised to get comments on my blog. I'm not even sure how you guys are finding it, but good job!

Happy running,



Nancy said...

Welcome to blogville!! I found you through Jess, I think. I'm totally not worthy to even read your blog, but I will. :) Maybe I will learn something. Good luck with blogging and meeting your goals.

Unknown said...


Great week of training. That is some serious miles you logged last week. I jumped here via the comment you left on Nancy's blog.