Friday, August 31, 2007

Ankle is Feeling Good

Today was a whole lot like yesterday: ice, massage, wrap, stretch, repeat. I had to walk to class twice, which put 3 miles on my ankle, but it felt pretty good. For my morning class I think I was walking a little funny, same with on the way to my afternoon class.

However, at the end of my Algorithms class I decided to ask a few questions and got demoralized; I won't go into the details here. On the way back I was walking pretty fast and completely forgot about my ankle! After I realized this, most of the sour mood went away, since it showed how much progress I'm making with my injury.

I emailed Jim, the guy I was supposed to run 24 miles with tomorrow, to let him know I'm bailing out on him. Right now I'm thinking my schedule looks something like this: easy trial run Sunday, Monday off, and resume normal training on Tuesday. As for the rest of my training, I'm pushing everything back one week and am going to do a 2 week taper instead of a 3 week. I hate tapering anyways, so maybe its for the best!

This ankle injury really emphasized the already obvious pattern of my ankle injuries. I will generally get some shin or knee pain, but never anything to put me out of commission. Heres a list of my ankle problems: Spring 2006 I had to take 3 months off due to overuse injury in my ankle, Fall 2006 had to take a week off three weeks before the Detroit Marathon due to over use in my ankle, early summer 2007, same deal, week off, and now I have an ankle sprain causing me to take a week off! If you miss the pattern there, you probably shouldn't be using a computer :)

Because of the glaringly obvious pattern, I'm starting ankle strengthening exercises in the very near future. Expect a post about various ankle stretches and strengthening exercises to help prevent ankle sprains and generally strengthen the area.

Happy running, to those who are able!



Marcy said...

I guess I shouldn't be using a computer :P LOL JK!

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