Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Easy Run and Something Fresh

This morning was a nice, easy recovery run around campus. I saw maybe five people the entire run, the campus was completely dead. Much different than it will be in a few hours, when 27,000 students have their first day of class here at University of Kentucky.

I'll be one of them. I moved in three weeks ago, but today is my first day as a graduate student. I'm not completely sure what to expect, but I'll know within a few hours. Currently I'm optimistic, and for those of you who don't know me very well, that is a very hard thing to change.

Its different knowing going into an 8am class on the first day that I'll actually be alert. Much different than during my undergrad, I've had time to run, shower, eat breakfast, and apparently write about it before class. As opposed to rolling out of bed, grabbing a shirt, finding my sandals and wandering to class.

Since I need to finish getting ready, this entry will come to an abrupt halt.

Happy running,



Jes said...

I wish you good luck on your first day! I am HOPEFULLY in my last semester as a grad student... researching being kind that is. I have found Grad school to be the best so far!

I look forward to reading about your running and running tips in the future. (o:

Michelle said...

Hello there!

I found you through Nancy's blog.

Good luck with your first day of classes! I have never been in grad school (stopped after I got my BA), but I am going back to college next week to pursue a degree in nursing. I am much older than you, however, LOL!

I wish I was as fast a runner as you, too! But I'm pretty sure I am not built for sub-eight-minute miles. ;-)