Thursday, August 23, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, its my birthday, and its a lot more low key than my big 21st! I'm in Kentucky and don't know too many people yet, but there have been loads of birthday wishes coming in all forms! Its weird having it be my birthday right after moving to a new state, a reason to celebrate and nobody to celebrate it with.

So like a little kid, I have to show off what I got! I can't do this without quoting "Scary Movie" from a few years back: "Yo, that jacket is tight, son. YA MEAN?!" (If you haven't seen it, you think I'm crazy now. Sweet!) I got my Chicago Marathon jacket in the mail today as a gift from my parents, check it out!

Besides that, I went for a great run this morning. It was a 7 mile run, 4 miles which were around race pace. Everything felt good, even my foot that has been giving me a little pain decided to behave. Hey, I'll take it on my birthday!

Now I get to take it fairly easy until next week. Rest day tomorrow, long run is only 12 (as opposed to 21) on Saturday, and my Sunday run gets cut back from 10 miles to 6. Hopefully this little step back will let any little problems heal up before I really hit it hard the next week!

Happy running!



Jes said...

Happy Birthday! The jacket looks great! (o: One day, I hope to have one as well!

Stuart said...

Happy Birthday, have a piece of cake on me. Oops sorry it's all gone oh well here are the candles!



PS, the jacket looks great!