Saturday, September 1, 2007

Forty Miles to.... Nowhere?

A week ago, I had a 24 mile run scheduled for today. Well, for anybody reading you probably know of the pothole that changed my plans. Since I couldn't let myself off the hook on some sort of endurance feat today, I headed to my apartment's fitness center and jumped on the bike.

I'm not sure I can imagine anything more boring than working out on something that doesn't move. I know a lot of people work out regularly on treadmills, stationary bikes, elliptical machines, etc; honestly, I have no clue how you tolerate it! I even brought my iPod along to keep me entertained, but all in all it wasn't as rewarding as actually going outside, going somewhere, seeing things!

The most eventful part of the workout was when I decided to take a halfway break to walk around and make sure I wasn't tearing my ankle apart without realizing it; luckily, I wasn't! However, although the bike had a nifty 'pause' button, the moment I stopped pedaling it turned off and reset my workout; makes sense right?! This happened again when I dropped my water bottle and had to stop, so I have no clue how far I really biked, but I was questioning its accuracy anyways. I did wear my Garmin to track my heart rate though, and I went for 2 hours!

During the ride, my mind wandered aimlessly. In the process I realized I'm just as excited, if not more so, about my sister running her first marathon than I am about whatever I end up running it in! She's been having a few problems with over training and general fatigue, but I'm sure she'll pull through. Our parents don't raise no wusses!

Well, now that I'm done eating a huge lunch, its time to hit the books for a while. Tomorrow I'm finally hitting the pavement again! Today I woke up and couldn't really feel a difference between my ankles; good news!

Happy running,


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