Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good

I just ate tacos. And they were fantastic.

The Bad

Just kidding, there's more good, thankfully!

My knee is starting to feel a little bit better. I still don't see myself doing, uh, anything this week, but it's at least getting better. I went to the A.R.T. guy today. He thinks he can help, and I got one treatment today, but I'm going to sit on it a little bit longer. I'm kind of iffy about therapy (see "The Ugly"). I'm also making progress on my pile of work, so I'm hoping to make it home on Thursday. Maybe I will get a few days off!

Luckily, though, I've been in this "hyper learning mode." I'm not sure what caused it, but I'm finding everything extremely interesting lately, almost anything from my classes to biking to web servers to... other computer science topics I won't bore you with. Hopefully it sticks around for a while (like until I graduate)!

The Bad

The knee isn't perfect, though. When I shower the heat from the water makes it sore for a little bit. But no worries, hygiene is not going to end up listed under "The Bad"! Also, my sleep schedule is completely jacked up. The last two nights I was working on stuff until about 3am. When I don't work out I never fully wake up, but I also don't really get tired at night. I live in limbo, it sucks!

Also, I will comically put under "The Bad" that my computer is too fast. In one of my assignments I need to compare the speed of my program to another, but I can only time them so accurately. The result? Yep, everything takes 0.00 seconds and I can't see any more accuracy to make conclusions. Who wants to donate an old crappy computer?!

The Ugly

Right now, the ugly is very ugly. Yesterday I got a call from the one type of business nobody wants to hear from. Thats right, a collection agency. Wait. W T F?! I don't owe anything to anybody, do I?

Apparently I do.

My physical therapist has been trying (although not very hard) to mail a bill to my address, but has been leaving the apartment number off. So rather than call me (which he did several times during therapy, he has my number) he decided to pass it on to a collection agency who says "Hello! Give us $xxx.xx by tomorrow or the puppy your credit history gets it!"

It basically works out to me paying the wrong person the deductible (ART guy got that) and the PT charging me more than the amount (which they swore up and down) they said they would. Unf. Ramen noodles, anyone?


That's whats up in my life. Thanks to everyone for the extremely encouraging comments! Here's some responses:

Christine - Don't go calling Endurance Trends 'little', it's going to be anything but little. Good luck with the 'little' degree you're working on, too. :)

Nic - The Relenting Runner is dead. He won't be back unless one of my legs literally falls off. Although, I do have a clever name up my sleeve if I decide to completely change my focus to triathlons...

PreFan - Never tried Accelerade. I usually stick with Gatorade, even though I know it really isn't the healthiest choice ('lethal' amounts of HF Corn Syrup).


Stuart said...

Taco, good, no, bad, no, good ugh!

Too fast a PC now there's a high class problem!

Medical insurance...don't even get me started!

But worst of all Accelerade! (although Endorox tastes way better than Recoverite!)

Hang on in there, there are at least three people I know, myself included with gimpy knees right now!

Bill Carter said...

Hi Doug

You've just got to hang in there right now and try to get better. Fortunately, you are a very smart guy and will give yourself the time you need and still manage to find some really cool things to do with your time. I am one of those people who never feels like there is enough time in the day to get as much done as I would like. A few years ago I had cut my sleep down to about 5 hours a night so I could try and do everything. Now I train so much that I absolutely need 7 or 8 hours or I am a zombie.

On a practical note, the only thing that ever gets sore for me is the l knee. I actually have a light neoprene brace on right now to keep it warm and support it.. have you tried something like this??

OK, hope you feel better and again hang in there.

Jess said...

Tell that collection agency that if they can find ya, you can pay them!

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO Jess! Tell them" "Why would I do that? Wouldn't you be out of a job then?" :P

Hang in there homie!

nwgdc said...

I'm sorry about "the ugly..." that stinks! Have you called PT guy? I know in our office sometimes I get the wrath of a patient even though I know very little about their particular insurance, but normally a constructive dialogue follows and then we hug and make dinner plans.
You don't know how happy I am to hear "relenting" is dead. Woo HOO!

Run For Life said...

Glad your knee is starting to feel better and that you're allowing it to heal more before starting up again. Sorry to hear about the physio fiasco. I agree with Marcy's comment, haha.

Nitmos said...

To summarize:
1) You ate tacos
2) Your knee feels better

Now I'm no genius but...could it be the tacos??

Try eating more tacos and see how the knee responds.