Sunday, March 2, 2008

Weekly Recap 02/24/08 - 03/02/08

Monday: Breakthrough bike ride, 31 miles. Longest distance in a long time, didn't demolish me like last time I went 30+.

Tuesday: Confidence building run in the morning: two miles under 6 minute pace. Swam in the evening.

Wednesday: Easy run in the morning, really trying to take it easy with the race on Saturday without cutting out any volume.

Thursday: Bike-swim brick in the evening. This swim was absolutely huge. Something clicked again and my endurance is starting to go up in the pool. Ended the swim with 200 yards non-stop which was a new high.

Friday: Rest day!

Saturday: 5k race in the morning, ran 17:45. Make sure you read my race report! Ultimately it showed me I'm in better shape than I thought, and even that time didn't wipe me out. Afterwards I walked around campus with my parents for a few hours, then went out for 21 miles on the bike that evening before going to the comedy club. Long day!

Sunday: Swam in the morning. Legs were pretty sore from yesterday, big surprise huh? I swam my mile, with 300 yards non-stop at the end of the workout. Set out for a 6 mile run in the evening and ended up doing 8 because the weather was so nice: 63 degrees and sunny!

Total run: 28.15 miles
Total bike: 67.25 miles
Total swim: 3.3 miles

Weighted total: 63.77 miles
Resting HR: 54 bpm (Friday night)


Absolutely. Great. Week. Of. Training. Period. .

The rest week I took definitely paid off BIG TIME! I felt fresh and ready to knock out a great week of training. I planned it out and pulled off every workout as planned or better.

I had a lot of reminders showing me my training paying off all week long. 31 mile bike ride on Monday. Endurance improvements in the pool. 5k @ 5:40 pace. Recovery run today with an average heart rate of 156 bpm but average pace of 7:09/mile.

Did I mention you should read my race report?

Next week should be a repeat of this week, but with a long run on Saturday instead of a race.

I hope everybody else had a great week!


Ben G said...

That is an ungodly week!! How do you keep up such a pace? I started back to running about 3 months ago and I am doing well to get in 3 or 4 runs a week.
Give me some guidance endurance master :)

Bill Carter said...


That must have been one awesome 5k and congrats on your awesome time! You are one fast dude and I am looking forward to us going running again. I am still expecting great things from you in the triathalon and want to hear what you have planned.

Congrats again!

Run For Life said...

Yes, I am comment happy tonight.

I am so jealous of your week!!! It all sounds fantastic and like everything's flowing seamlessly together; I hope it keeps up for you. Reading about all your swimming lately has really made me want to get back in the water.

Also, can we trade weather? If for only a day? -25C (without windchill) today and ungodly amounts of snow have made this past week pretty tough to get out there!

Nitmos said...

Great race. I can't imagine a 17:45. I'd be so happy my head would explode the moment I crossed. I'd be curious to see how you approach 5k training...your mix of speed workouts, etc. I want to hit this hard this year.

Nancy said...

Good lord, you're week is like my month. I'm so not worthy.