Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Race Pictures

Last night I got the picture's in the email from the race. Thought I'd share!

Dad & me before the race

Staying loose before the race starts

Hanging around just before the start, two fast guys on the right

The race starts, the four fast guys are on the left

End of the race, giving it all I got!


RunToTheFinish said...

Front of the pack that is so cool! I'm usually huddling in the back and praying that people are in the right time slot.

Jess said...

Great pics, Doug!

Marcy said...

Forget giving all you got . . .you totally could've made a detour to that Cigar Shop and had a smokey treat :P I'm KIDDING! Great pics homie!

Nancy said...

Wow, so that is what the fast guys look like. Funny, still look human. I expected lightning bolts for legs or something.

Stuart said...

Nice pics, but man it looks a bit chilly!