Sunday, March 23, 2008

Weekly Recap 03/17/08-03/23/08

Monday: Ran less than a mile. Found out this knee isn't in working order yet.

Tuesday: Swam half a mile with the pull buoy.

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Swam half a mile with the pull buoy. Had Tracy look at my knee, she thinks its ITBS and has me doing a lot of work to fix it up.

Friday: Swam a mile with the pull buoy, more below. Ab workout in the evening.

Saturday: Swam a mile with the pull buoy.

Sunday: Rest day, pool is closed for Easter. Boo!

Total run: 0.77 miles
Total bike: 0 miles
Total swim: 3 miles


Despite the disappointment early in the week when I found out my knee wasn't better, my attitude has really taken a turn for the better these past couple days. Why? Its the swimming.

This injury is from biking or running, or some combination of the two. Which leaves me right where I should be anyways: in the pool. With regards to triathlons, I have no worries about the running. Thats what I do. It's what I'm good at. My biking has some room for improvement, but I can tough through a bike ride. I've done it in the past and I can do it again.

Swimming is where I need the work. I haven't even completed the race distance yet in the pool, but I've done so several times with the bike and run. The pool is where progress is going to be made. Not just in terms of time, but in terms of being able to finish a race.

So I hit the pool. I swam with TNT using that damn pull buoy for a half a mile two days. I hated it. Each time, though, my knee felt better afterwards. It was like a 30 minute ice bath.

Then I mixed things up: I swam on my own, without the team. I swam when I had no obligation to do so. I swam for me, and it was amazing! I actually enjoyed it. I got in the pool with an intent of pulling 300 yards non-stop, which would have been tied for my longest yet, but after a several week break. Bam! 300 yards. Then I kept going: 350, 400, 450, 500.

I stopped at 500, but was starting to "get it." I started to see what it meant to be in the zone while swimming. If I swam too fast, I could simply slow down to recover, rather than needing to stop. I was able to fade out, but have my body do what I've taught it these past several months.

Next week? Lots of swimming. I'm going to focus all my energy on it. Once I can swim without the pull buoy, I'll think about giving running a shot again. Until then, I got a date with the foam roller!


Nibbles said...


Glad to see you've had some expert advice re: the knee! It is so true that for multisport events, working on your weakest link is very important. And I think your positive attitude will really aid in your recovery--there was even a Runner's World article to that effect last year.

Run For Life said...

That's great you're feeling a lot better about the recovery equaling more pool time! I agree with nibbles about the correlation between recovery and attitude.

nwgdc said...

you're not going to lose much endurance with your swimming, so keep plugging away and get back in tip top shape!

Nancy said...

Oh man, I'm glad you figured it out, but dang. That stinks. I swear that my ITB flared and think that the biking made it worse instead of better, but not sure. I've heard it both ways (could help, some say it makes it worse). I know the stretching and stregthening should help. I'm so glad you have the pool. Hang in there.

Your attitude rocks, Doug, and that means you will go far no matter what you try!

Nitmos said...

Curses to the ITBS! I've had a small bout with this recently but was able to overcome with some RICE and a new pair of shoes. Good luck.

Christine said...

ahh! swimming is great for a lot of joints...just not the shoulders. Take that foam roller on a hot date...maybe some ice...and choc covered strawberries. She will treat ya good!

Bill Carter said...


Its good to hear from you again. I know this whole ITB thing has had you a little down, but you are going to be fine. In fact, the whole tone of your last post sounds better and you are realizing that you will get better. In the meantime you have to take care of yourself. We already made plans to do Boston in '09 so you are just going to have to get that leg fixed once and for all.

I'm pulling for you buddy.

Marcy said...

How about a date with a lady to do that? :P

Now could you do me a favor and amuse me? You're butt got tagged LOL