Thursday, March 13, 2008

Looking at the Trends

I've talked about it quite a bit lately, but I'll rehash it: I'm a big fan of looking at the trends in running, biking, and swimming. It really helps see what works. But more importantly, it shows you what doesn't.

It shows you what gets you injured.

Hey, I'm injured. Let's look at the trends and see what there is to find.

Backtrack! It's August 2007. I'm training like never before, in the best shape of my life. BAM! I put my foot in a pothole and have to take several days off. I probably needed the rest anyways with how I'd been training. Next week, I'm feeling good. Really good. I go out in full force and do the week I was planning before I hurt my ankle. As a result, my hip gets injured.

Okay, back to the present. A few weeks ago I was, once again, training like crazy. Swimming, biking, running like never before. Then my body says "hey! quit it! *cough* *sneeze* *phlegm*" I take a few days off. Next week, I'm feeling good. Really good. I go out in full force and do the week I was planning before I hurt my ankle got sick. As a result, my hip knee gets injured.

See a trend?

Bottom line is this: I need to be careful when coming off a break, even a short one. Going at it with too much gusto can sideline me quicker than anything.

Also, I need to be extremely careful coming off this particular injury. This time, it isn't just about fun and fitness. This time, people are counting on me.


Amy@RunnersLounge said...

Hope you are healing well and will be feeling well soon. There is such a fine balance between too much and just enough - every injury helps us find that line.

Nitmos said...

Yeah, unfortunately, I always plan for that ease back in week after taking some time off. Its mental torture but physically necessary.

RunToTheFinish said...

It's hard not to go with gusto when you've been held back for awhile!

Nancy said...

You know, I was actually thinking about this for you, Doug. You were going pretty hard both times and I wondered if you increased mileage too quickly? I'm no expert so I keep my mouth shut, but this did occur to me...maybe Doug is ramping up too quickly if he is injury prone. I know I am trying to increase but not do it too quickly.

Take care. You're still the one that RMFO.

Steve Stenzel said...

Yeah, I hear ya! My knee started going south last year after I'd take about 2 weeks off! Good luck!!!!

Nibbles said...

I agree with nitmos on this. It's temporary mental torture, but the rewards for initially holding back can be greater than you realize at first. Thanks for reiterating this important lesson! It's something I really need to work on as well.