Monday, March 3, 2008

Ma Nature's Feeling Fiesty

I've been watching the forecast for today the past couple days. They've been calling for 50-60 degrees in the morning, and kept changing their mind when it was going to rain. I woke up this morning and it was about 55 degrees and sunny. Perfect, right?


The only exception? The wind. My God the wind. I've ridden in wind before, some rides around 15-20 mph gusts and they were rough. They pushed me forward on the way out, and pushed my limits on the way back.

Today the winds were sustained at 23 MPH with gusts around 35 straight out of the south. I'll be honest, the thought of hitting the trainer crossed my mind... for about a second. The competition doesn't care of it's windy. And if they do? Well then, I just got a step ahead.

On the way out, there were flat stretches (not downhills) where I was pushing 30 MPH with the wind at my back, it was great. I felt pro, even though I knew it was only because of the wind at my back. Going east and west was probably the most dangerous, since the gusts were making it fairly difficult to control the bike, but I managed to keep control.

Going south was brutal. I was sitting in my granny gear for the majority of that stretch, working like hell just to go 10-12 MPH. Much less dangerous, though, since the gusts weren't threatening to throw me off the road or into traffic.

Finally, I got back to the school. And kept riding. Screw you, Ma Nature, I'm not done with you yet. Time to put you in your place for another 10 miles.

More of the same on the second lap. But I finally finished and really felt like I had accomplished something. Here's the numbers:

Time: 1:51:12
Distance: 31.01 miles
Speed: 16.7 mph
Cadence: 94 rpm
HR: 153 bpm

I'll leave you with this:

Why Do You Run [or Ride]?

Because you're wondering if your grandchildren will too.

Because its raining.

Because you can, and others can't.

Because its faster than walking.

Because that shaky-leg-thing is all about nervous energy.

Because you can't fly.

Because you can fly.

Because your personal best is just that, yours.

Because the pain of a blister is nothing compared to the pain of stopping.

Because you like the resistance the wind gives you.

Because you like the resistance you give the wind.

Just Because.

-NYC Marathon Ad


Nancy said...

Oh my. I bet you were one of few out there. Craziness.


Ben G said...

Wow!! How nuts is that endurance god...

AddictedToEndorphins said...

OH, how I long for 50-60 degree weather. In Canada it's still like sub-zero.

Really like the Nike Marathon Add.