Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekly Recap 03/24/08 - 03/30/08

Monday: Swam a mile before class, including 600 yards nonstop -- a new best, but not for long! Ab workout in the evening.

Tuesday: Swam a mile with TNT. I was going to go farther but dinner was making a comeback and I've heard they don't like it when you throw up in the pool.

Wednesday: Swam a mile on my own, including 1000 yards nonstop -- a new best, but not for long! Ab workout in the evening.

Thursday: Swam a mile with TNT, including a lot of faster laps. Part of the workout was called 'swim golf.' The idea is you swim 50 yards and add your time to the number of strokes you took. I was able to hit 89 a couple times (50 seconds + 39 strokes) while pulling, I wonder what I could do if I could kick?

Friday: REST!

Saturday: Swam (you guessed it) one mile on my own, including 1200 yards nonstop -- a new best once again! I felt fresh again after several days off.

Sunday: Swam (once again) one mile with TNT. Shoulders were D.E.A.D. after my 1200 nonstop yesterday. The weird thing was, I didn't even know I was sore until I started swimming. Talk about a crappy surprise!

Total swim: 6 miles

Resting heart rate: 65 bpm


Not a bad week of training, all things considered. My knee is still healing, but its feeling WORLDS better than it was a week ago. Motivation hasn't been a problem this week, and I'm actually enjoying the swimming now that I can push myself.

For some reason, I really start enjoying a sport once I can push myself hard enough to make my muscles sore afterwards. The same happened with running, cycling, and rock climbing too. Maybe I have a little bit of masochist in me?

I'm feeling a lot stronger in the water lately, especially on shorter durations. A week ago, it was taking me ~18 strokes to get to the backstroke flags on a short interval, now I'm down to ~15. So, needless to say, all this pulling IS paying off with more strength. Although, looking at me I don't think anybody could tell. Not yet, anyways.

Sometime early this week I'm going to attempt a little bit of swimming without the pull buoy. If that goes well, I MIGHT give running a shot next weekend. Maybe. If I feel like it. But more importantly, if my coach lets me. I'll try water running first, just to play on the safe side. I don't need a relapse at this point!

Also, there is definitely a redesign coming up soon. Complete with a new name, color scheme, logo... the whole nine yards. It'll be revealed once I'm able to run, bike, and swim normally again. But until then, enjoy the suspense!


Nancy said...

Wow, you are doing great in the pool. I don't think you will ever regret this. Nice work!

Can't wait to see the new digs.

Stuart said...

Nice swim week, you're gonna end up with webbed feet!

nwgdc said...

good teaser...i'm interested in seeing the new look!

Nitmos said...

You are becoming a fish. With running legs. Way to go.

Christine said...

thats awesome that you are swimming so much.IT will make your triathlons much more balanced! Keep it up!