Friday, November 16, 2007

Controlled Flame

My passion for running is starting to burn strong again these past few days. This busted hip is starting to feel rather, well, not busted. I've been running across the street when the cross walk timer is running out and not paying for it afterwards. I've been able to do the stretches I used to avoid because they were doing damage to my hip. I've been walking up hills without feeling even a small twinge in my hip. I've been wanting to run, bad!

But I'm not going to. Not now. Not yet. Not until Wednesday.

I'm looking at it like a controlled flame. I want to run. I can even give myself convincing reasons to run, but if I slip up at all now it could burn out of control. I could ruin all of the progress I've made these past 606 hours of not running.

I need to keep the blaze under control for at least the next month. The plan is to start out next Wednesday, which I'm hoping will go very well, and slowly allow myself to do more and more until I'm built up to a respectable base. If all goes according to plan, I hope to be back up to 20-30 miles per week by mid December.

But regardless of how I feel, the plan is still to view my running as a controlled flame. I can run. I can allow myself to do more. But for the first month I am not allowed to do as much as I want to, not by a long shot.

Feel free to get out your hose if things are getting out of control.

Until Wednesday, Nancy is going to have to keep running for me.


Nancy said...

We've done 3 easy and some hills. I will try to get us a longer run this weekend :D

Hang in there. The end is in sight.

Jess said...

It's hard when you're injured to remain sidelined. Last spring I took a month off because of some IT issues, and it was really an effort to remain "benched" for a full 4 weeks. And even harder to slowly get back into it instead of diving in like I wanted to.

Don't worry, be patient and that patience will reward you.

Jes said...

Oh I wish I had your self control...