Monday, November 12, 2007

"I'm back!" Well, my appetite is, anyways!

My appetite back in full swing. I blame the swimming. For the past month or two, since my training decreased dramatically, my appetite has followed suit. I was actually eating as much as a normal human being for a while, about 2500 calories a day!

Without further a due, I would like to announce I just ate an entire pizza in one sitting. One thousand two hundred calories without flinching. In fact, I'm still kind of hungry. Maybe I'll go eat a horse. I guess getting back into working out after two weeks completely off will do that to me, eh? I'm kind of afraid of what will happen when I can pick up running again and am also swimming a couple times a week. My grocery bill is going to double!

I'm still considering making Wednesday my debut, after taking 21 consecutive days off from running. Tomorrow I meet with my PT, so I'm going to bounce the idea off him to see if two miles would be a reasonable risk to take. My hip has been feeling fan-freaking-tastic these last few days, although a different (but maybe related?) pain has popped up in my lower back on the opposite side. Its really minor, but worth etching in stone on the internet.

And yes, Weirdo-Who-Takes-Tons-Of-Pictures-In-The-Bathroom, I mean Marcy, I have been toying with the idea of triathlons. There is a lot of overlap between my running groups and the swim team I joined last week, the majority of which are triathletes. To be honest, I've been thinking about triathlons maybe a little more than I should be! Looking at my training and injuries, its pretty clear I have more energy than I should be applying just to running. Spreading my energy out over a few different sports might be the trick to really staying strong.

While toying with the idea of triathlons, I decided to take a really quick, brief glimpse at tri-bikes. Holy crap are they expensive, low end bikes run four digits! I think the high end ones cost more than my car is worth. Although, really, I get running shoes every 300-350 miles, which equates to about 6 pairs a year (assuming I stay injury free, ha!). If the bike lasted at least two years, I would be spending lass than I do on running shoes.

Bill and Jess, I'm clueless to what my 'secret' is. This summer as an intern at Caterpillar this it was exactly the same way; nearly all female friends, but hey, I had people to bike and go rock climbing with! If anybody can tell me my 'secret', let me know and I'll do it more, maybe I could break out of this single status and get me a free butt massage? (free like a puppy!)

And finally, I need to send a HUGE congratulations to Bill for running a 2:58:20 marathon. With DEAD EVEN splits between the first and second halves. Who else can do that? No one, thats who! Go check out his race report, complete with a picture of him looking like the super hero he is!


Nancy said...

Good luck on the debut. I hope my appetite doesn't follow suit. :D

Marcy said...

Dude the last time I ate a whole pizza I was pregnant. DANNNNGGGGGGGGG!!

Fo really reals bikes are scary expensive. I would probably cry if I bought one and it got scratched LOL Thankfully I have no desire to become a triathlete :P Between the bike, the suit, and all that other nonsense you'd have to sell off your first born to get into a race LOL

I do think it would be a good outlet for you though, since you have all this energy to burn LOL. Actually how about being my manny? These kids will run you into the ground LOL

Jes said...

Butt massages are my favorite... LOL. I'm sure you have no problem finding a girl to give you a nice massage. You may just need to slow down you running a little so she can catch up to you. lol

Bill Carter said...

Thanks man! Your own sub 3 hour has just been temporarily delayed.
BTW, free butt massages rule. Seriously, my wife can make my glutes so happy after a long run. I know it sounds weird, but my God does it feel great.