Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I just have a whole bunch of random stuff today. Enjoy.

Today was (probably) my last trip to the PT. I did schedule another appointment next week, but informed him I will probably call and cancel. I think the rest and strengthening exercises are what is bringing me back. I'm fairly certain the ultrasound and ASTYM aren't really making an impact at all, but if things fall apart, I'll go right back. Promise.

I'm doing more bike shopping again. Still looking at the same three bikes as before, with the exception of looking at the '08 Specialized Allez. I still have a little sticker shock going on, and am having a hard time bringing myself to drop almost a thousand dollars on the bike + accessories. Seriously. Thats a lot of money! I'm still leaning towards Specialized, though. The components are all around better than the other two bikes, and it is just a little bit more expensive. I'm going around later today and tomorrow to test ride all three bikes.

I stopped by and talked to one of the ride leader's from the local bike club to talk about different routes in the area. He busted out a folder that had at least 200 routes in it, and picked out the shorter ones for me to do. I picked his brain about a lot of biking stuff to try and balance out what would be the best choice.

My hip is feeling fantastic today, even after running yesterday! I'm feeling like this horrible road is almost over, as long as I'm patient in rebuilding my miles. Needless to say, I'm in the best mood in a long time!

Swimming tonight. I think I figured out my "sinking" problem from a few weeks ago, so it should go a whole lot better!

And.... some responses to various comments!

Bill -- I know exactly what you mean.

Marcy -- Since I MUST tell you, I weight 135 dripping wet. My metabolism is on crack, I exercise a lot, eat good, and haven't lifted weights for who knows how long. What do you expect?!

Nancy -- Don't get me started on this professor. I think "jerk" is very mild compared to what I could come up with!


Marcy said...

Ok phhheeewwwww, I was going to be really mad if you were less :P It's so not fair!!! You're like the male version of my sister. CRAZY metabolism. I hate you both :P ;-)

Good news on the hip front my friend. Pretty soon you'll have to break out that Vaseline ;-)

Dave Fleet said...

Hey Doug, great to hear your hip is doing better. I have to say I laughed pretty hard at the picture from your last run - I had one like that last week that's fresh in my memory, so I can relate.

On another note, consider yourself tagged!

Nancy said...

Oh that's great that the hip is coming around. Good reminder to do my exercises which, for some reason, I have an aversion to.

Hope you rocked that jerk's assignment.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to tune in each day to see how you are progressing. I bet it makes you giddy to think about next week this time - imagine what you will be able to do.

Jess said...

Good to hear that the hip is doing better.