Monday, November 5, 2007

The Game Plan

These past few days when I've been, you know, not running, I've started thinking a lot about my game plan. And not what I want to do. I'm thinking about what I need to do. Now I'm sharing it to make sure my brain is making sense!

So far I have not ran for two weeks. My hip is feeling mostly okay. After proctoring an exam tonight it is kind of sore, but I was on my feet for about three hours non stop, what do you expect? However, this tells me one thing: it isn't healed up yet. It needs more time. If it needs more time, it gets more time. It really is as simple as that.

These last two weeks, though, I've pretty much been a lazy bum. I haven't done anything, with the exception of the stretching and core workouts I started recently. My cardiovascular fitness is probably fading away more and more every minute. This week I plan to be much more active. I'm going to start hitting the exercise bike again. I'm starting swimming this week too. I'm going to not only sustain fitness, but regain it. I not only want to, I need to!

I've been thinking about my physical therapist too, and the fact he doesn't 'get' runners is starting to bother me. Should this bother me? I think it is right for me to feel a little uncomfortable by this. I'm not going to make any decisions yet, but if he pushes me to run too soon I might consider switching to someone new before I have a huge commitment. A friend of mine recommended someone who is supposed to be really good with runners; if only the recommendation came sooner!

Right now I'm considering next Monday to be the soonest I will attempt a run. No matter how I feel. No matter what anybody says. I know my body. I know its the right thing to do. My hip feels significantly better after two weeks of rest than it ever has from one. I am just worried this logic will continue, and I'll end up taking months off. Not a cycle I want to fall into! But for now, at least, I know this is the right decision. There are plenty of other ways I can keep in shape while my hip returns to normal.

And finally, a response to all those who are expressing their thoughts about tri's. So far, it is merely a consideration. I haven't even put a toe in the pool yet. It won't happen unless I really enjoy swimming. Also, I'm always going to be a runner at heart. Bill, our gentlemen's agreement to go under 3 still stands; don't you worry, I just need to get injury free first! And if it is going to take significant amounts of cross training to stay injury free as a runner, so be it. I will cross train and greet the new events that come with it head on!


Stuart said...

My PT didn't "get" the running thing either but she did respect it, I think that was a result of the practice treating some NBA players, let me know if you still want the question list and I'll get it to you. If you are uncomfortable change sooner rather than later and before you over-invest time etc in your therapist.

Jess said...

I don't think your PT has to "get" runnign but he should understand your desire to do it, and should also understand how running affects your body. The PT I used to go to was also a runner and a triathlete, so I thought she really connected with the problems I was having and that helped a lot.

Vickie said...

Hey Doug, I saw your comments on others' blogs and then read this post. You are wise to get the injury thing cleared up. You're way too young to get injured for life because of impatience. Cross-training at least will help keep up most of your cardio fitness. If you have access to the elliptical, that too can be a substitution for running. Oh yes, you can get your heart rate up as much as running! With no impact, you can continue with your cardio fitness yet hopefully let the hip heal. As for tris, I started doing them about 10 years ago on and off also because of chronic injuries. They are also a good substitute for just running, but you have to always factor in those workouts along with the runs. So give the hip a little more time, find a good cardio substitution, and cross train! I'm betting you'll come back stronger.