Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The decision is made!

I finally picked out the bike I'm getting.

I'm going with the 2007 Specialized Allez Triple. This is "last year's" model, and by "last year" I mean "not next year." Since they're trying to unload the 2007's, I'm getting it for 20% off. Cha ching!

This brought the choice down to a good bike for $650 +$70 for 3 years service or a great bike for $616 + free life time service. Tough choice, right?

I'll post a picture of MY lady in red tonight.

But she needs a name.

Any ideas?


nwgdc said...

i looked at that same bike this spring. great bike, dependable. it was described as a "tank" to me regarding it's durability. congrats!!

Marcy said...

Whoo hooooo!!! Ok, are you going to ride that thing in the winter?!? You know I have to ask with you :P You like to run in sub zero temps so . . . .