Sunday, November 4, 2007

Something New to Tri

I decided its time to try something new. I have way too much free time on my hands now that school has died down a little bit. I considered the following things to try and become: juggler, binge drinker, drug addict, swimmer, or body builder.

I considered binge drinking because, well, everybody else is doing it, right?! Yeah. No thanks. I think I'll keep these brain cells and kidneys around as long as I can. Ditto for becoming a drug addict. I like my brain.

Body builder? Hmmm, nope. Don't think so. The average body builder's arms are about the size of my legs. If not bigger. I think you can count me out on that one too. Putting on 80 lbs of muscle would probably add a few seconds to my marathon time, don't you think?

Juggling could become my new key hobby until I can run again, except one thing. Its really not that great of a workout. It is fun, thats for sure, but its just that: fun. I'll keep doing it to see if I can get it down pat, but I don't see myself aspiring to be a joggler any time soon!

Well, that sure narrows down the list. Whats left? Ah yes. I could become a swimmer. Swimming is a full body workout with great cardiovascular benefits to boot. Back in the day (when I was 10-12) I was on a swim team. I don't really remember anything from it except I had to swim across the pool and try not to be last. I won a few times, I lost a few times. I was never exceptional by any means.

A few weeks ago my chiropractor told me about the Master's Swim Team on campus here at UK for individuals 19 and older. The team has a really good head coach, Susan Bradley-Cox, who is a tri-athlete that competes on the international level; she has three world title's for her age group (55-59). I mostly discounted the suggestion when Mike made it, because I figured I'd be running again in a week. Nope! I started considering it pretty heavily again today. I've had way too much free time on my hands this weekend; really, WAY too much.

I sent Susan an email today to get some information about the team. It should be a great way to stay in shape and meet people at the same time.

Maybe I'll really enjoy it, maybe I won't. If I do, I'm already thinking about starting to tri.


Marcy said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! If you go the tri route I will officially abandon your blog. Totally kidding! This is how it all starts . . .one by one runners get picked off and on to the tri route. Not me I tell ya. NOT ME!!!

Swimming is an awesome sport to pick up when not running. I think you'll like it :-)

Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

I did my first tri last year. They're definitely a lot of fun and every runner should "tri" one.

However, I think, I will stick to running. It's less complicated.

Tri's are great for the summer, when logging lots of miles becomes more challenging. Biking and swimming are much easier in the heat than running.

Anonymous said...

It takes alot to get me into the swimsuit - but when I am in the water and swimming, I really love it. It is a great cross training and really great for TRI's (no matter what Marcy tells you :})


nwgdc said...

i hated swimming...until actually getting a few lessons. it made a huge difference. but i agree with Marcy--we need allth erunners we can get! Ironman is SO IN right now. :)

Tri+Umph said...

Oh, I'm still a runner at heart. Always will be. But for now I would rather be a swimmer than a bum!

Jonathan said...

You're just jealous because my arms are as big as my head.


Good luck with the swimming...if you want tips or something, let me know.

P.O.M. said...

I can see the draw to it. Way to go on taking the first step.

Bill Carter said...

Sorry dude but you are a runner. We had this sort of gentlemen's agreement (ok not really but it sounds tough) that we were both going to go sub 3. Doing a tri is just counter to everything that we dedicated runners stand for. Covering ground on two wheels just seems like cheating to me. swimming is cool as a temporary diversion, but you are a runner. Don't let 'em corrupt you and convert you to the darkside that is the TRI!

Nancy said...

I've totally been having tri thoughts. I am really a swimmer from waaaay back. It seems like a natural progression. However, I do know it is a huge commitment. On the other hand, I've also heard it is easier on the body than all the long miles. I've decided to see how much the body can handle and go from there.