Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Me and THIS Army!

Earlier today Helen Hip started to be a very minor nuisance again. Nothing major, but we had another super-duper conversation I thought I should share.

Helen: I'm not touching you!
Doug: Quit it.
H: Not touching youuu!
D: Go home!
H: Whyyy, I'm soo not touching you
D: Enough already, get OUT OF HERE!
H: But.. but... I'M NOT TOUCHING YOU!
D: Leave, or I'm gonna kick your butt!
H: You and what army?!
D: Me and THIS army:
  1. Mom
  2. Dad
  3. Brenda
  4. Adri
  5. Dave
  6. Uncle Bill
  7. Grandma
  8. Aunt Susan
  9. Sheryl
  10. John
  11. Nick
  12. Megan
  13. Uncle Joe
  14. Lewis
  15. Susan
  16. Jonathan
  17. Uros
  18. Molly
  19. Dave
  20. Brian
  21. Ryan
  22. Tero
  23. Steve P
  24. Steve K
  25. Paul
  26. Greg
  27. Holly
  28. Jason
  29. Dr. Mertz
  30. Dr. VanCleave
  31. Joe
  32. Erin
  33. Jess
  34. Jes
  35. SLB
  36. Amy
  37. Tom
  38. Marcy
  39. Nic
  40. Bill
  41. Nancy
  42. Dave
  43. P.O.M.
  44. Perry
  45. Lauren
  46. Jessica
  47. Brad
  48. Chris
  49. Dan
  50. Larry
  51. Jim
  52. Dawn
  53. Mike
  54. Jill
  55. Kristin
  56. Cathrine
  57. Skip
  58. Tracy
  59. Chris
  60. Chad
  61. Jeff
Thanks to anybody and everybody who has shown support during these past few months. I started making this list, and it turned out to be a LOT longer than I ever anticipated it being! Even if I'm going through some tough times with this hip, I have a lot of people rooting for me to get better, and its really appreciated! But not only is it appreciated, it helps keep me from doing anything stupid. Going out and hurting my hip by trying to come back too fast will effect much more than just me.

Metaphors aside, my hip is feeling fairly good this evening. The usual tightness is still there. There is one muscle which is a little worse than the other, but it isn't anything that has hurt before. And once again, its just tight, not sore. I'm thinking about going swimming in a little bit, and then I might run in the morning. If I run it will once again be no more than a mile. Once I master the slow mile, I'll let myself move up in distance.

Have a great Thanksgiving!


Nancy said...

I so glad to be on YOUR list and so glad to count you on MINE. You are a great support!! Take care.

Anonymous said...

Don't be too hard on Ms. Hip - remember she may feel the pain but there is probably a few other trouble makers (like Mr. SI joint)... that are causing it.

Just like your full army of supports, take care of those army of body parts.

Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

Glad to hear that you are coming back, albeit slowly. You are patient beyond your years.

Marcy said...

That is one big mo-foing list!!

Don't worry homie, just think . . .in a couple weeks, months, however long it takes you'll be back to your normal speedy self ;D ;D ;D

Jess said...

That's a pretty big army -- she doesn't stand a chance!

Stuart said...

Hey now you've got your Army you'll get your Leggys soon enough. Sorry couldn't resist it LOL!

Good to be on the list!

Jes said...

I'm so glad I'm part of your army! I'll show that hip who's boss!