Thursday, February 7, 2008

Computer Scientists make me sick

Today I was going to post something about half marathons for Runner's Lounge, but I've opted out. I feel like crap. You will find very little insight on running in this post.

Computer Scientists make me sick. Literally.

I'm becoming convinced that the average student in my department is sick a strong majority of the time. There is rarely a day in class when half the class isn't coughing, sneezing, gagging, or making a miserable moaning "please pity me!" noise.

Why are they sick? I know why. It's because they ran in the rain. It has nothing to do with:
  • The fact that they'll only eat a stick of gum up until dinner time
  • The majority of their exercise coming from pressing the 2nd floor button in the elevator
  • The 4-5 hours of sleep they claim to get every night
Being around them every day has finally started to take a toll on me. I don't think I'm sick, yet, but my energy is getting sapped, which really made tonight's swim suck.

My coach kept telling me everything I was doing wrong, but for once I really didn't care. I was counting my strokes, I knew it was taking me 4-5 more to get across the pool. I just wanted to get to the 3/4 of a mile I promised myself I would do. I made it, but I wasn't happy about it. You might even say I was anti-happy.

Sorry for being a downer. It happens sometimes. Hopefully I'll feel better after clonking out for 10+ hours. For once I'm looking forward to taking full advantage of my rest day.


Christine said...

This is not the usual happy Doug. Cheer up!!!!!! It will get better soon.

Stuart said...

Go Airbourne, trust me it works, rest don't push it and don't start again too soon oh and get a hematically sealed chamber!

Marcy said...

I can totally relate to the eating/sleep combo, but I'm fully aware that is why I'm always sick :P I can only abuse my body so much without paying the price ;-)

Hang in there homie, go get some Airbourne like Mr Q recommended. It's supposed to the the shiz!

Bill Carter said...


You need a Bill Pick-Me-Up. I have been feeling exactly what you said in this post for a few weeks now. People like you and I need our sunshine, outdoors, and the feedback we get from nature. This time of year is tough for everybody physically (except maybe the comp. science people who would be inside even if it were 75 and sunny) and you just have to hang in there.

I am so looking forward to that time when you make it back to Michigan, are healthy, and we can really go for a run. It is going to be a blast.

Sending you positive vibes from Michigan.


Nibbles said...

Perhaps you should invest in a Hazmat suit?

Conk out and stave off that nasty bug! Good luck.

Jess said...

College students, and perhaps grad students especially, are vulnerable to viruses because of all the reasons you just stated. Poor diet, lack of sleep, little exercise, lots of alcohol (maybe that was just me?) and maybe some combo of other toxic substances.