Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekly Recap 02/11/08 - 02/17/08

Monday: Biked on the exercise bike for 75 minutes in the morning.

Tuesday: Ran 6 miles in the morning. Pace was whatever I felt like since legs were still kind of dead from 9 on the 9th and there was ice everywhere. Swam in the evening.

Wednesday: Ran 6 miles, still icy outside. Ab workout in the evening.

Thursday: Hour on the exercise bike in the afternoon, swam in the evening. Usual swim-bike brick canceled because of Hallmark.

Friday: REST DAY! Started feeling kind of sick in the evening. More sick people in class and maybe over training.

Saturday: Ran 10 miles in the morning, biked 21 miles outside in the afternoon. Finally. Real biking! I felt pretty fresh at the end, too, which was a nice surprise for my highest volume day of the year!

Sunday: Swam in the morning, ran in the evening. Still kind of sick, but its above my neck so I decided to push through it.

Total run: 27.98 (+2 from last week)
Total bike: 66.22 (+21 from last week)
Total swim: 3 (+0.5 from last week)

Weighted total: 62.05 miles
RHR: 65 bpm (!)


I think I pushed a little too hard this week. I started feeling sick these past few days, and my resting heart rate is up about 15 beats which is a sure sign that I'm over doing it. Luckily, next week is a step back week and I can heal up! Even though several signs point towards over training, my legs feel great. I have not been fighting off any injuries, just illness, although if I pushed another week I would probably run into injury.

I also threw a weighted total in the numbers today. Its a combination of all my activities where a mile swam counts as 4 miles, and 3 miles biked counts as one mile. Not a perfect representation, but I think its a good way to track total volume.

If you missed my last post, almost everything is going my way lately, minus the over training bit. After a week of healing up, I'm willing to bet it'll all be back in my favor again!


Christine said...

Heal up! Taking a step back is way better than pushing forward into injury!

Jess said...

What a week, Doug! You're a powerhouse!