Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How I Got Sick

Being sick sucks. There's no doubt about it, and you won't find anybody that disagrees with that statement, unless they say it blows. You can't sleep because of having your face clogged with snot. You're not as productive because you can't sleep, and what energy you do have goes towards blowing the previously mentioned snot out of your face.

But, this time, it's kind of like a hangover. I think everybody will agree hangover's suck (or blow), too. Except with a hangover, you have good memories (most the time) and if not your friends will fill you in later. The point is, you feel like crap because you did something enjoyable, knowing you'd probably end up paying for it!

I did NOT get sick because of eating like crap.
I did NOT get sick because of a poor sleep schedule.
I did NOT get sick because of lack of exercise.
I did NOT get sick from living in a pig sty.
I did NOT get sick from a lack of hygiene/washing my hands.

I got sick because I broke my body down to nothing, only to let it rebuild stronger. I got sick from taunting mother nature when she gave me bad weather, then taunted her even more when she gave me her worst. I got sick by doing everything I could to make myself better. I got sick from doing something I love just a little bit too much, and now I'm paying for it for a few days.

Maybe it was worth it. Maybe it wasn't. There isn't much to do about it now, except make as many healthy choices as I can to get my immune system back into overdrive.

Live and learn. Learn and live. Sometimes, thats what its all about.


Viv said...

Aww, hope you have a speedy recovery and kick that sick stuff to the side.

Nibbles said...

Hang in there. I also think it is easier to get sick in a campus environment because you are probably surrounded by throngs of kids whose health habits are just terrible, whether you live off campus or on. You're gonna beat this soon!

Jess said...

You also got sick, because small microbes called viruses, made their way from one sick person to you. The are very sneaky at getting past our defenses, mostly because they are very tiny -- microbial even.

RunToTheFinish said...

My office is like a breeding ground for illness, usually I can avoid it...but post any major race or really hard week I notice I'm way more likely to catch what they're passing.

Steve Stenzel said...

Live and learn. Good luck!! Get well soon!!!

Bill Carter said...

I hear you brother. I'm sick right now and it totally sucks. I wasn't feeling 100% at Myrtle (no excuse though) and now I'm really suffering with this one. Of course everyone I see in my clinic right now is sick and I didn't really have a chance of getting through the season without it..

Hang in there and just get better.