Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Confidence Building Exercise

No, I'm not talking about a breathing technique, or some cheesy mental trick to make me hold my head higher. I'm not talking about an exercise that builds confidence, I'm talking about exercise that builds confidence.

That was precisely the goal of my run this morning. Build confidence for Saturday, without demolishing my legs. My confidence had been waning a little bit, since I hadn't really run hard since 9 on the 9th. Most of my runs have been either easy or moderate since then, so I had to check I'm actually capable of pulling off the time I want.

Well, let me tell you. It worked. It worked big time. I can confidently tell you I'm going under 19 minutes on Saturday unless something goes horribly, horribly wrong. Hills? Please. My legs will eat those hills for second breakfast. I'm ready for the lactic acid storm. I'm ready to run down a victory.

The run this morning was pretty simple: 3 miles warm-up, 2 miles hard, 1 mile cool down. Just enough to wear me down without killing my legs for a few days. Here's the numbers. Just a warning: they're scary fast.

7:34 (Get ready for it....)
5:59 (GO!)
(and some change)

Thats right, I'm breaking out of six minute land. The second hard mile had a good uphill, too, it really pushed me. However, the good news (or bad news for those running the race on Saturday) is that I had enough left in me for another mile, and this is also after yesterday's ride.

Now, to take it halfway (sorta, kinda, maybe...) easy for a couple days to get ready for my first race in five months.


Run For Life said...

::jaw drops:: That's mega-fast!!! I probably look like I'm crawling compared to you, haha. Good luck in the race this weekend!

Nancy said...

Holy Buckets, that's like lightning. I can only imagine what that must feel like.

YRMFO big time.

Jess said...

Wow Doug! I sure hope that built your confidence!

RunToTheFinish said...

oh my gosh...can I maybe hop on your back while you run just to see what that kind of speed feels like? I understand it might slow you down, but think how fast you'll be when I fall off.

Ax said...

Sweet run, dude! You are totally gonna rock on Saturday. Good luck!

Nibbles said...

Dude, you are totally taking home some hardware this weekend!

Nitmos said...

Nice job. You'll do great in you race. 19 minutes is roadkill. I would love to see "5" as the first number in one of my mile splits some time.

Marcy said...

How come when I try and run that fast, it just never produces the same results? :P You'll rock out, fo sho!

nwgdc said...

HOLY CRAP! You know, you keep pushing yourself and you keep pushing me. I've got a 5 miler scheduled tomorrow...lets see what I got!

Michelle said...

Hello Doug, i am new to your blog and really love it! I am amazed at the incredible times you logged in your run! I am really lagging behined with a 12 min pace. Ah well, at least i'm out there everyday! Makes me feel good...check out my blog if you want!!!hhttp://runningdowndreams.wordpress.com/

Anonymous said...

AWESOME to read after your recent illness... and mine. :)
Damn, it almost gave ME confidence just reading it.
Go kill it, boy.