Friday, February 8, 2008

Staying Positive & Nutrition

Its amazing what 10 hours of sleep can do! I'm feeling quite a bit better today, although I still have a lingering headache, and I usually never get headaches. Hopefully it goes away sometime soon.

Last night I left out anything positive in my post, because, well, I was grouchy. So now, let me tell you about my ride that came before my hideous swim!

As usual on Thursday, TNT does a back to back bike-swim workout. It can really kick you in the face if you're not careful (I suppose I wasn't)! The ride (although on trainers) was outstanding. I was just in the zone. Jimbo, the guy leading the spin class, is a very experienced cyclist. I don't think theres many people who can keep up with this guy. He's full of tips that really, really pay off.

Last week he told us to take some time to spin with just one foot on the trainer, just to see where our 'dead spots' are. I started my workout this way so I knew what aspect of my spinning to focus on. It helped a lot. Then he told me to stay 'light on my feet.' Again, it helped me out big time. Another tip: 'drive your knees towards the handlebars,' again, my pedaling got smoother.

Towards the end I was pushing a cadence of 110 while staying completely smooth. A few people even commented on it, including Jimbo and my friend George who has completed several Ironmans. I'm hoping these skills will carry out onto the road when it really matters!

On a completely different note, I'm getting ready to send out letters & donation forms for Team in Training. Nancy, Bill, & Nic are already on my list. Does anybody else want to join the cool gang that gets letters? If you do, send me an email: TheRelentlessRunner at gmail dot com

Thanks everyone for your encouraging words last night and this morning! It definitely helped kick my funk!

Update: Rather than making a new post and continuing my posting frenzy, I thought I'd just append some nutrition stuff.

Friday is my shopping today, which means its my day to decide on new foods to add to my diet! From last week, I'm liking everything new I mixed in: raisins, tuna, eggs, and almonds. This week I went all out on new foods. Here's the list:
  • Plain Yogurt
  • Luna bars - Chuck has been talking about these lately. They're completely natural health bars. I noticed after I got home that they say "for women," but I ate one and everything is still in tact. Nothing new has sprouted either.
  • Apples - I ate apples a lot last year, but I got a few bad batches in a row and stopped. Time to start again.
  • Carrots - Needed veggies of some sort, I'm not a huge fan of carrots but I should be able to acquire a taste for them
  • Real chicken breasts - As opposed to the pre-cooked crap I was getting before
  • Taco stuff - Had to look everywhere to find tortillas without hydrogenated crap in them
  • Organic eggs - Suggested by someone, thought I'd give them a shot. They're brown.
  • Peanut butter and Jelly - Picked up some without high fructose corn syrup, that stuff is Satan's spawn. It's everywhere.
We'll see how this goes! I'm starting to have quite the variety in my diet. And yes, Marcy, this should make you feel guilty. Very guilty. Family Guy's evil monkey is trying to make you guilty too!


Nancy said...

I'm glad you are out of your funk (although your funks are minor compared to mine!) You are doing great and you are packing a lot in, you are bound to have some down times, but great to see you bouncing back right away!

nwgdc said...

after that last post i was anticipating "relenting" making an appearance again...phew!

Stuart said...

Damn with all the top tips your getting for bike and the super foods you're gonna be one unstopable tiger!

Oh yeah try FAGE F/F Greek yoghurt with a t/s of honey, double delish!