Monday, February 18, 2008

Unscheduled Rest Day

Yeah. Thats right. I did it.

I took a day off when I had workouts planned. I needed it. Rather than waking up early to sit on the trainer, I decided to sleep in and try to kick this cold. I won't actually lose any fitness over it, and it's an easy week anyways, right?

I definitely feel better tonight than I did last night, so tomorrow will be a go on the running! My resting heart rate is back down where I like it, so the day off helped big time with my over training issue. The illness is all above my neck, too, so running shouldn't make it any worse. Working out usually clears out my sinuses anyways, and should get me ready to go for the day.

Also, I have the RMA to send in my Garmin, but I haven't actually done it yet. It keeps working on runs, and hasn't really given me issues for a few days. Maybe I can just wait it out and it will go back to its old self? It's hard to believe live went on without it.. *sniff sniff* Sorry.. that was just the cold. Honest.

Here's some responses to comments I've been meaning to get to but have continuously slipped my mind.

Nancy - My swim coach really isn't that stingy with the compliments, the main point was that it was a bigger compliment than I originally thought. Susan rocks!

Bill - Not sure on the Michigan thing. I can give you a maybe for spring break, which is the second full week of March, or sometime in the early summer. Hopefully I can make it out there sometime soon!

Marcy - You were right about Garmin's customer service. Once I got through the buggy website, they were great!


Christine said...

I think you need to let Gimpy go. He will come back better than ever! And if they can't fix it..maybe they will upgrade you?!

Marcy said...

I actually thought of you this weekend before I ran. For whatever reason my Garmin started to go NUTS when I turned it on. It was beeping like a mo-foer and giving me all sorts of weird screens and I thought "Damn Doug, he better not have sent his Garmin breaking voodoo over here" LOL Quick shut off and then back on and I was good. Hopefully it stays that way ;-)

nwgdc said...

great decision on the rest day. as for my 5:45...well, i can't run long at the moment, so i might as well run fast!

Steve Stenzel said...

You just GOTTA take those breaks sometimes! Good decision!!!

Bill Carter said...

Hi Doug!

You sound a lot like me when you talk about days off:-) It is never really a bad thing and you and I both know that we feel better afterward. I hear you on the cold thing as I seem to have brought one back from MB. Whats up with your Garmin?? I am actually going to order one today.. Donna is buying it for me as an early 40th birthday present.

Take it easy for a couple days and get yourself healthy.

BTW, I haven't run since the marathon, but am going to do a little 4 miler at lunch. I'm getting a little stir crazy.

Talk to you soon

Nitmos said...

Enjoy the rest. Every body deserves a break.

Jess said...

Holy cats, did the Earth stop spinning?! Doug took a day off!?