Friday, February 1, 2008

Rest Day Randomness (Volume 1?)

Let me start by saying the number one thing on my mind: rest days suck. I may say this every Friday. Because they do! But they're oh-so-needed to help me recover. You know what I think about recovery!

Anyways, here's a bunch of random things in no particular order:
  • Team in Training rocks. I'm loving the team aspect of it, especially during cycling and swimming. Last night we cycled on trainers for an hour, then swam for about 90 minutes. It was nice to have friends to suffer with! I can also offer limited swimming advice since I've been at it for longer than the other TNTers.
  • If your cycling computer says you're going 50 MPH on a trainer, the trainer probably isn't set up right. There is also a good chance of your bike becoming disconnected from the trainer. I may or may not have learned this first hand last night!
  • Tuesday the pool closed due to bad weather, but I still had to walk home. When I left the pool it was raining. Nothing serious. Fifteen seconds later I got hit with a 50 MPH wind gust that was accompanied by a literal wall of water. I went from "kind of damp" to "soaked to the core" in about 2.74 seconds. At some points I couldn't move forward. It looked like it was straight out of hurricane footage. My cell phone didn't work when I got back to my apartment, but miraculously started working on Wednesday after it dried out!
  • I love my new schedule. I still have 4 runs, 3 swims, and 3 rides every week, but the recovery is much better! All my hard workouts are complemented by adequate time to recover; especially my tempo run and bike-swim brick!
  • I posted it last night, but I'll say it again: I registered for the Chicago Marathon last night. I signed up for Starting Corral B, although I am planning to run a half marathon quick enough to qualify for Corral A. So, Nic: 8am October 12th. Grant Park. Front of Corral B. Be there. But more importantly, 11am October 12th. You know where to be.
Thats all I got. Discuss!


Marcy said...

Ooohhhh yeah I'll TOTALLY be in the same corral as you . . . .NEVER!! LOL

Sweet making a commitment to Chicago already! Unfinished business, eh? Well, I know that you finished but you know what I mean :P

Marcy said...

Ohhh and thanks for the reminder. I have to go check out the opening for the NYC Marathon lottery ;-)

nwgdc said...

you KNOW it! be sure to remind me about recovery days also...thta's the only way we're getting to chicago injury-free!

Jess said...

You'll rock the hiz-ouse in Chicago. Take an extra water at the water stations, for me.