Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snow Day, Swimming, & Progress

Okay, so its not an official snow day with the university, but its close. This morning class was canceled, and the corresponding exam was postponed due to the insane amounts of sleet/ice we got last night.

The snow started around 6 last night, but then close to 11 it switched over to ice. All. Night. Long. It is still spitting ice right now, but it should be switching over to rain fairly soon according to the radar and temperature.

My run this morning is going to get postponed a little bit, as well. Rather than slipping, falling, and breaking my hip I thought I'd wait a few hours and let the rain melt some of this stuff off. Sounds like a good idea, right? I think so! Although even if it doesn't switch to rain, you'll find me out there running in a little bit. I am NOT going to be a gerbil for 6 miles today!

In other news, my swim on Sunday was absolutely amazing. It started out so-so, with my coach telling me to work on the usual things: Don't turn so much to breathe, arms at 11 and 1, smaller breathes, relax your arms, etc, etc.

Then, it clicked. I don't know why or how, but I stopped turning so much to breathe; I didn't have to turn so far, it felt natural, I wasn't worried about swallowing water. My arms were relaxed, I was relaxed. I was finally confident enough to start an interval even when I was out of breathe. I was able to push myself in the pool, just like when I'm running.

Then, my swim coach said five words to me, "You look like a swimmer." I thought nothing of it. I'm in the water. Swimming back and forth. Of course I'm a swimmer.

Not so fast.

The two people in the lane next to me heard it too. They told me thats one of the biggest complements she gives. Both Ruth and Treacy can recall the first time Coach ever said those words to them. Pretty huge, huh?


You know what progress does.


Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

They day that swimming doesn't feel like laboring anymore but more like a fluid work out is a good day!

Jess said...

Man, I want a snow day!

Nibbles said...

Congrats on the amazing swim, Doug! Stay safe out there in that icky weather.

nwgdc said...

WAY TO GO! Sounds like quite a breakthrough...and good decision on postponing the run. No need to piss Helen off.

Marcy said...

We're supposed to get some shiz weather tonight *joy* rolls eyes. You're such a nut to even think of going out :P

Nancy said...

Now THAT'S a great day. The day you became a fluid swimmer. CONGRATS. That is awesome. Does she have to be that close to the vest with compliments, though, geez? Anyway, I'm excited for you. It's coming back for me too. So excited to be back in the pool!!

Bill Carter said...

Hi Doug

Just getting caught up on your blog...

Great 9 on the 9th. I am really looking forward to when we get to run again. We are going to go out on a long 16 to 20 mile run and just tear it up. I don't really have anybody to run with unless it is the Hanson's guys and they just absolutely kill me.

It sounds like you are making great progress in the pool. From what I know of swimming and sadly it is not much, technique is absolutely essential to being both fast and efficient.

When are you going to be back in Michigan??

Best of luck.

Jes said...

Oh congratulations!!! I haven't had time to get back in the pool (or do anything else for that matter)... but I hope I it "clicks" for me one day!

Nitmos said...

I'm very envious. Swimming is still a torturous work out for me. Nice breakthrough!