Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weekly Recap 02/10/08 - 02/10/08

Monday: Put in 75 minutes on the stationary bike in the morning, counted as 25 miles. Did an ab workout in the evening.

Tuesday: Ran an 'honest' six miles in the morning, swam in the evening.

Wednesday: Rainy run in the morning. Started an ab workout in the evening, but bailed out. I was started to feel some sickness coming on.

Thursday: I felt like crap. Completely drained. Biked on trainers with TNT then swam. The swim was awful.

Friday: Felt a little better after 10+ hours of sleep. This was a much needed rest day! Canceled my ab workout to make sure the illness was gone.

Saturday: Ran a HARD 9 miles in the morning for Nancy's 9 on the 9th. Canceled the evenings ride because my legs were completely shot.

Sunday: I had a GREAT swim in the morning, and a good, but windy, recovery run in the evening.

Total run: 25.81 miles (+2 from last week)
Total bike: 45 miles (-17 from last week, missed a ride)
Total swim: 2.5 miles (same as last week)

RHR: 52 bpm (Taken Wednesday night)


I have mixed feelings about this week. If I could just get rid of Thursday, all that would change. We all have off days, though. Even me. I'm glad I made the right decisions after getting a little sick. I didn't get all my workouts in, but I did stop the sickness from really taking hold on me, I'll call it a success! Maybe it was partially due to over training? I wouldn't be horribly surprised.

My run for 9 on the 9th showed me the kind of shape I'm in, which is honestly a lot better than I thought it was, and a TON better than I thought I would be if you asked me a month ago! Obviously I'm doing something right. Great race, Nic! I'm still in disbelief how insanely close we were!

Also, I signed up for the Racine Half Ironman just now. I finally made the decision. Several people from TNT are also training for this race. Every time I brought it up to someone lately, it turned out they were already planning to do it. So I sucked up the $165 registration fee and signed up. For the first time I feel like I might really be in over my head after signing up for an event!

Finally, I spent a lot of time this week getting my letters out for Team in Training. Nic, Bill, and Nancy, your letters should be there sometime this week! If you still want one but forgot to let me know, get in touch with me and I'll get one to you ASAP! If you don't want me to know your address, theres always my donation website!


Christine said...

Swimming gets you in AMAZING shape! I bet its really helping with your running times! I always noticed I could run way better when I was in swimming shape (were talkin about the mile in hs..haha)

Nancy said...

YEAH, Insanely close.

Guess what I did today??? You're going to be so proud.

Jess said...

Wow, Doug, great 9 on the 9th! I just saw your report and you rocked it!

nwgdc said...

great job and stay healthy!!! man, your pr in the 15K is killer...i was joking with people that i was "1st in Class" at that race: Fastest person coming in over an hour...the 7 people in front of me were speedy...soo are you!