Thursday, February 14, 2008

Garmin Malfunctions

Last Wednesday I wrote about my tour of Lexington and the aftermath of our storms. During that run, it started to rain pretty heavily. I've ran in worse, but this was still a pretty heavy rain. But, I forgot to mention one detail.

My Garmin filled up with water.

So I did some digging. According to Garmin's site, it is IPX7 waterproof. Wtfunk does that mean?! I looked a little more and found it means it has been tested to go in one meter of water for 30 minutes. That site says about another Garmin product with the same waterproofing: "thanks to it's IPX7 Waterproof Standard too, so you needn't worry about it getting wet in sudden downpour."

After my watch filled up on Wednesday, I turned it off and let it dry out completely. When I used it Thursday night for spinning, it worked fine. Mostly. At first the heart rate monitor was acting strange. It gave accurate readings, but the number only updated every 30-60 seconds. No big deal, I thought, the heart rate functions started working after a while anyways.

But these last few days, the frustration starts. Gimpy the Garmin decided he likes to turn off at random now. For a while, it would only happen before a workout started and be fine throughout. But today Gimpy decided to gimp out on me like the gimpster he is during my date with the stationary bike.

Yesterday I tried using Garmin's website to send something to them about it, but their website was kind of buggy. I filled out the form complete with a full description of what I basically said here. Every detail. I submitted it: nothing. Maybe I missed the button. *Click* Nothing. No confirmation email or webpage. I tried closing my browser and doing the whole thing again. Nothing. Maybe it just doesn't like Firefox (even though its one of the most popular browsers in the world). I'll give it a shot with M$'s Internet Explorer later, I suppose.

I really would rather not send in my Garmin, because then I'll be without it for several weeks at the least, but it is going to come down to it. I'd rather go without it for a few weeks than deal with Gimpy for the next few years, or worse, buy a new one.

To end on a positive note, I just finished my first major project of the semester and aced a test this morning. I'd show off the project like last time, but this one isn't for Graphics so I guarantee you guys would think its boring!

Also, assuming this isn't another Garmin malfunction, my heart rate seems to be responding to the training lately. I just got done with 24.5 miles on the stationary in one hour, and my heart rate never went above 150. I checked it a little bit manually, but that isn't the accurate either. And even if it is just a malfunction, I've been feeling GREAT these past few days. And sometimes, isn't that what this is all about?


Marcy said...

Shint!! Really? I mean I knew that you couldn't go swimming with them but I figured (and I've taken my old one out in the rain LOL) they would be good for a heavy rainstorm. Damn! Thanks for the heads up!

I've heard good things about Garmin's customer service though, you might want to give em a whirl ;-)

Nibbles said...

That sucks! Here in NYC we can only use Polar because of the tall buildings, so unfortunately I can't offer my experience with their repair wizards. I did buy a Forerunner 150, but it only works at my parents' house in OH.

Good luck! Sending good vibes to your gimpy gadget.

Steve Stenzel said...

Stupid technology. That's why I run with just a sundial. (my penis)

Stuart said...

They have pretty good tech supprot but their site is a bit buggy, cut out the middle man and go via ;-) you didn't get it from me

Jess said...

I've used mine int he rain numerous times, and it's never malfunctioned. Call them and demand a new one!!

Nancy said...


I've also been drenched - we'er talking water up over my shoes pouring so hard - and my shuffle shut down but Garmie motored on. Something's not right with Gimp.

Christine said...

that really stinks about the garmin. Hope it gets fixed for ya!

Anonymous said...

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