Saturday, December 15, 2007

6720 Meter Hurdles

Its a new event that is held every winter, have you heard about it yet? The distance tends to vary, but its always long distance hurdling! This time it was spontaneous.

I was out for my run this afternoon, and we got a few inches of snow last night. But I waited just long enough for everybody to get out and shovel their driveways, leaving nice mounds of snow on the sidewalk every couple yards!

Now, my 8th grade history teacher taught me that three things happen when someone is presented with a problem. You can adapt, migrate, or die. Well, this isn't quite that serious (yet, anyways. Theres a foot of snow on the forecast!), but I'm going to claim it still applies. We can either jump over them (adapt), run around them (migrate), or not do anything and fall on our face (process of elimination, right?)!

Well, today I was more in an adaptive mood than anything so my 4.2 mile run turned into a hurdle event, and it was fun! And, since I think it was a definite first for the event, I hold the world record at 33:09. Who's gonna take it? Nic? Bill? Marcy (your Yak Trax might give you an advantage!)?

The hip is still feeling strong after a repeat of last week, woo hoo! Next week the plan is to add one more day of running and bump my weekly mileage up a couple more miles. Hopefully it will go well, everything else has so far!

I need to get back to work. And by work I mean watching movies all day; break rocks!


nwgdc said...

oooh, i may try to top that time. we got hit again--i've shoveled twice now today, and will again tomorrow, before heading out on a run. bring it on!

Ian said...

Well, I won't be topping that time with or without hurdles but it does sound like fun.

Jess said...

"Adapt, migrate, or die" it's a harsh theory but I like it. I'm gonna start using it...hmmm, now I just need context.

Ax said...

Way to adapt, Doug. You're lucky we don't get much snow in Phoenix. Otherwise that record would be mine! Winter runs can definitely be a lot of fun.