Friday, December 21, 2007

Lazy Days

These last few days have been lazy. Extremely lazy. But I'm full of excuses.

After running two days in a row there was a small twinge in my left hip when I moved my leg just right. It made me a little nervous, so I took a two days off from running and biking just to be on the safe side. This is no week for a relapse!

I ran 3 miles this morning, though, and it went really well. Okay, so it wasn't this morning since I didn't wake up until 11:30. Regardless, it feels great tonight so I'm not worried anymore!

Tomorrow I'm off to Michigan for Christmas. We've lucked out on the weather, but the trip back is going to be interesting. We're driving back on Christmas day, so everywhere to eat and go to the bathroom is going to be closed. We'll see how that one goes!

Thats all I got. Life on break is kind of boring, but I need this mental vacation. Unless you want to hear about video games, I think its best I leave it at that!


Jess said...

Sleeping until 11:30?! Are staying out all night partying?

Stuart said...

OMG yes there is no way I could sleep in that late if I tried, am I bet!

Marcy said...

If you want an alarm clock, I'll be sure to drop the kids off at your place :P 7am wakeup every morn sound reasonable? LOL

Dude, it's good to be lazy every once and awhile. You're in good company ;-)