Saturday, December 29, 2007

Planning the New Year

Yesterday a friend put an idea in my head: The St. Louis Half Marathon.

At first I discounted it as a bad idea, but then I really got thinking about it. Currently I'm running the River to River Relay on April 19th which will consist of running three legs of 3-4 miles from sunrise to sunset. The half is on April 6th, just two weeks before the relay.

I'm really thinking a half is doable by then. This week it looks like I'm going to have 17-18 miles total, which is pretty respectable looking at my training log these past few months! I think a half marathon is easily doable on just 30 miles a week, so building up to that over three months doesn't seem like too much of a stretch to me! What do you guys think, good idea? Is anybody else be up for it? eh? eh? They have a full marathon too.

Speaking of planning, I got my training log spreadsheet all setup for 2008. Maybe you weren't aware of my dorkiness, but its bad! New in 2008, it now tracks swimming and biking too, as well as combining all of them in one graph so I can see where I need to pick up the slack and also see how my total volume is doing. This Garmin might be bad for my health, since it gives this number addict all the numbers I could ever want!

Today I headed back to the pool and swam for about 45 minutes. I'm not doing anything I would call a workout just yet, just practicing technique. Once I get my technique down and make all the little things habit, I'll start thinking about doing real workouts again. In the end, having the technique down will help me more than anything!

Now I'm going to hide up in my room with a book for the next few hours, my mom and sister are both still pretty sick and I don't have many excuses left to get out of the house!


Marcy said...

WHooooaaa Whoooaaa Whoooooaaaa OK buddy, that is one too many numbers for this chick LOL

Nancy said...

From one dork to another, I've been thinking about creating my own log, too. Favorite Run seems to be way too elementary. Haven't checked many others out though. Not sure what I'm going to do, but want something new for 08.

Jess said...

I think you could totally do the half in April!

Stuart said...

A walk, well a run in the park for you, no? Your running has been off but it's coming back and you know you can cover the distance physically and mentally, just don't run before you can walk training wise.

If you're looking for a log try, it's pretty solid and well supported.