Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Weekly Recap 12/17/07 - 12/23/07

Monday: Ran an easy three miles, nothing too notable.

Tuesday: Another run, three miles and change. This is the first time I've ran two days in a row in the past couple months. Hip felt good during and after the run. Biked for an hour this evening on the trainer.

Wednesday: Started to feel a little twinge in my hip and decided to be lazy for a couple days.

Thursday: Went to visit friends in Chicago, was hoping to run when I got back but my Uncle John and two of his ump-teen daughters showed up early and the run got canceled.

Friday: Ran another three miles. I'm turning pro at this distance. All went good, hip is feeling fine again.

Saturday: Traveling all day long and visiting with family.

Sunday: Planned to run with Bill, but the 50 MPH gusts and pouring rain postponed our run until Monday.

Total run: 9.4 miles
Total bike: 20 miles
Total swim: Nada. Zero. Zip. Zilch. I'm planning to go back at it this week and am hoping the ankle problems have gone away.


Another fairly easy week, all things considered. I was hoping to run more, but the weather didn't allow it. Also, I couldn't bring my bike to Michigan. This week will be better unless something goes horribly wrong, promise!


Jess said...

Doug, you better not take the 3 miler outta my hands! That's my territory!

Marcy said...

I just saw your previous post!! Awwwhhh how lucky are you to have run with Bill! (and you're probably one of only a small few that could actually keep up with him LOL)

Looks like a good week to me!