Friday, December 28, 2007

Breaking in the new kicks

Today I got to break in my first pair of new running shoes in almost five months; I can't believe its been that long! Last time I got a new pair, a hip injury followed suit. Damn those Mizunos! This time I went back to my old faithful shoes: Asics!

I went with the 2130's, which replaced my old 2120's that I've been eeking out as many miles as possible on. But the new kicks are sweet, no discomfort at all and eliminates nearly all the pounding; just what I need.

The run this morning was great, to me. We got an inch or two of snow last night, which wasn't enough for it to get in my shoes, but was enough for me to make my mark in the snow. Theres just something about leaving the first footprints in a fresh snow; I love it!

My hip is hanging in there just fine, even after four miles at a respectable pace. The splits were:


And in other news, I'm still managing to hold off the illness that everybody seems to be getting. Hopefully I can stick with it; the 10 hours of sleep is probably helping. I better keep doing that! (Hey, let me believe what I want to!)

Tonight I gotta jump on the bike in the basement again. Although the snow was fun to run in, it completely ruins biking for the next week or so. Blargh!

I hope running is going well for everybody else!


Nancy said...

Very respectable :D I want to go out in the snow but I am thinking my hip and back are still acting up enough that that could be a really stupid move. Still haven't done that xray...

Keep up the handwashing, that might help. Hope you avoid it.

Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

Boy, I wish we had snow down here to run in. That would be awesome!

Stuart said...

How are the 2130s compared to the 2120s? I have lived in that series for years but just stepped up to Kayano 13s...a bit more cushioning but so much more $$$, still cheaper than knee replacements!

Jess said...

That's a great run. I always feel like new shoes make me faster!