Sunday, December 9, 2007

Weekly Recap 12/03/07 - 12/09/07

Ah, now here's a label I haven't used in a month or three! Here's a summary of my workouts this week:

Monday - Rest day

Tuesday - Swim 90 minutes; really starting to get the drills down! Run 3.1 miles; this run went off without a hitch.

Wednesday - Rest day

Thursday - Swim 90 minutes; did my first real swim workout today. Run 3.36 miles; once again, this was a pretty flawless run. My hip is feeling great!

Friday - Bike 20 miles. Its starting to get easier already. Pacing is getting a little bit easier and my butt doesn't hurt so bad afterwards, which is a nice plus!

Saturday - Run 4.34 miles. Yep, "only" 4.34. I dropped some hints, but nobody caught them. My "8 on the 8th" was spread out over this entire week. You can take back some of your praises and bows and I won't be offended in the least! This run might have pushed it just a little too far. I'm going to back it down to under four miles again this week. I feel fine today (Sunday), but yesterday evening I was a little worried.

Sunday - Swim 90 minutes. Today was my first full swim workout. I think its going to start getting a little bit easier now that I'm really pushing myself every swim. I'm still no super-star; today I was doing a sprint set and someone nonchalantly swam right past me, then turned around to do another lap and while I was wheezing for air!

Total run: 10.8 miles (Highest training mileage since September, BOO YAH!)
Total bike: 20 miles
Total swim: 4.5 hours (Maybe 4 miles?)


All in all, a great week! Insanely busy, considering I did all that while pulling everything together for my end of semester projects. But if I can pull it off during dead week and the week of finals, I can keep at it no matter what! It just takes some serious time management and concentration when I'm working on anything for school.

Expect to see a serious increase in biking and swimming in the next month. My amount of free time is about to sky rocket!


Stuart said...

Nice week, I so blew my long run today; the joy of the ghosting hour feed, now I have to do it tomorrow in the dark!

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO HAHAHAHHAHAHAAA hey man, anyway you can get it in ;-)

Jess said...

That's a very productive week!