Sunday, December 30, 2007

Weekly Recap 12/24/07 - 12/30/07

Monday: Ran 5 miles with Bill up in Michigan. Great run, great company!

Tuesday: Jumped out on the bike for an easy 8 miles. The roads were finally clear enough to bike outside of my basement.

Wednesday: Ran 4 miles in the morning, biked 12 miles in the evening. All in all, great workouts!

Thursday: First time swimming in a couple weeks. I just went a half miles or so with a major focus on technique. I also did my first core workout in a while, which I'm ready to get back on top of! Also, I went out to pick up some new running shoes, the Asics 2130s.

Friday: Ran 4 miles in the morning. We just got a good amount of snow, so it was a good run but biking outside is over for a while! I biked for an hour in the basement, which I'm going to call 20 miles since that would be about normal on the trainer.

Saturday: More swimming, still focusing on technique. Spending a lot of time counting strokes across the pool, and I'm able to hit 15 pretty consistently now with an occasional 14. Afterwards I did another core workout which I'm really feeling today!

Sunday: Ran 4 miles and change. At the end of the run I had a lingering feeling in the back of my head that I hurt my hip again, but it didn't hurt. Not afterwards, and not now. I think the only thing left for this injury is the head games!

Total run: 17.63 miles
Total bike: 40.06 miles
Total swim: 1 mile


What a great week! I more than doubled the volume I had last week, which normally would be a huge no-no. Since my mileage is so low, I can afford it. After this I won't have any big jumps, promise! Its great to feel like I'm gaining fitness again. My legs, arms, and core are all starting to feel stronger after just one solid week of training; which is a huge motivator to keep at it!


nwgdc said...

congrats on a great week! i lived in St. Louis for almost 4 years in chiro school and didn't hear great things about the marathon, so i never ran it. the half is flat and fast, and just might fit into my program...i'll keep it in mind! if you're looking for a more scenic and much more fun event, take a look at the Flying Pig in Cincy a couple weeks later--5 stars on the NWGDC rating system!

Nancy said...

Hope you are still evading germs!!

Nice week and loved your top 3. I need to do some favorites too.

Here's to 08!!