Thursday, December 13, 2007


Thats right. The semester is over. Completely. Holy crap!

Grading, check
Finals, check
Sanity, check

Now I just need to wait for grades to come in. Oh the waiting!

I made it out for a run this morning, but I feel like going out again. Its how I like to wrap up every semester. I ran 15 miles right after graduating college; it was great! I guess I kind of blew it by running this morning, huh? Oh well. I'm not gonna go out again, can't risk the hip! I'll get business taken care of at the pool tonight; my ankle better behave itself or we're gonna have some SERIOUS problems! It never hurts when I run, though, so I'm not complaining too loudly.

The hip is holding up nicely. I made it out for about 3.5 miles this morning to shake the cob webs loose before my final final. I've adopted a strategy this semester that has worked pretty well for me. None of that sleep deprived, studying till the last minute crap that everybody else does. I've been getting a solid 10 hours of sleep, a nice lunch, and exercising before my exams. While everybody else crammed in last minute stuff, I was reading the excerpt from "Again To Carthage" in December's Runner's World.

Splits this morning were:

3:10 (7:25 pace)

Great run, hip didn't hurt at all. Doesn't hurt now.

Tomorrow I drive back home and am stopping at Eastern Illinois on the way to see some old friends and a few professors that nudged me to go to school at University of Kentucky. Then I get to surprise my parents who aren't expecting me until Sunday night!

Nic - You have yourself a deal, my friend. Chicago '08 the barrier will be broken side by side!

Marcy - According to my Garmin, it wasn't THAT fast. Not as fast as Bill anyways; that speed demon!

Bill - Yeah, I'm getting pretty close to muttering those sacred words myself. Maybe next week sometime... I can't get ahead of myself! Soon, very soon!


Bob - said...

Hey Doug Congrats on wrapping up ur semester...good luck with those grades and that waiting :-(

and love the 8 on the 8th report, ahhh that picture is a classic --lol good stuff Bro!

Marcy said...

WHOOO OOOOO Par-tay time!! Drinks on me! ;-)

Well, considering that you jog at my 5K pace that's fast!

Tri+Umph said...

Marcy, Marcy, Marcy. We're going to have some problems if you don't watch your mouth!

I do not jog! =)

nwgdc said...

is it too early to be excited for chicago? too early to be looking forward to gaining revenge?

nwgdc said...

oh yeah, and congrats on being done! it's such a change from undergrad (get hammered) to grad school (go running). way to go!

Bill Carter said...

Glad to hear all is well. When you get into Michigan and have a plan, give me a call and we will set up a run... I already know what part of Paint Creek I want to do.
Have a safe drive.

Jes said...

Woo-hoo!!! Congrats on being done!!!

Jess said...

Yay to being done! Let's have a drink.