Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Four S's

Waking up today, the weather was one great surprise! It was the first time I've actually seen the sun in over a week. Yesterday, we had temperatures around 30-40 degrees. Today, it felt like I accidentally moved to Florida over night; we had temps near 70!

I made it out to run with just my four S's: Shorts, socks, shoes, and sunglasses. In December. In Kentucky. Without freezing my tail off. Did I mention its December?

I think everybody who saw me running today was taken back for a moment, because they were all bundled up out of habit; just like me this morning.

Everything about the weather made me want to get out on my treadmill bike:

Quirky inventions aside, this was the quickest run I've had in months. I knew, secretly, I needed to hold back. And I tried. Oh, how I tried. But it didn't work, not this time. Not in this weather. Not when I'm feeling this good. I just spaced out and ran, just to run.

I ended up running a shade over 3 miles, and loved every step of it. Here's the splits, you can yell at me if you like:


Time to get more studying done so I can make it to the pool tonight!


Marcy said...

30-40 IS WARM! LOL I don't know about the shorts though . . .you're crazy LOL

Stuart said...

Ugh, your splits make me so sick...such is the life of an old fart!

nwgdc said...

that was awesome...at first, when watching that video, i was thinking "i need one!" and then, well, i realized that it's pretty much pointless.
congrats on a great run! welcome back, speed merchant!!

Ax said...

Nice splits. I had a similar run yesterday. Doesn't it feel good to go fast?! Gotta love it.

And where can I pick up one of those treadmill bikes? Uh... It's for a friend...of course.

Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

Yeah, we're having a heat wave down here, too. Upper (!) 70s yesterday and today. New records are being set.

Anyways, nice run! You'd smoke me if we ran together.

Nancy said...

The future of urban transportation? Ha ha.

You're back to smoking us all. :D

Bill Carter said...

Look at those splits! There is no doubt when you can run like that.. you are back! I am really looking forward to us getting together for a run in Michigan. I don't think I'll be running in shorts though..