Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Four S's

Waking up today, the weather was one great surprise! It was the first time I've actually seen the sun in over a week. Yesterday, we had temperatures around 30-40 degrees. Today, it felt like I accidentally moved to Florida over night; we had temps near 70!

I made it out to run with just my four S's: Shorts, socks, shoes, and sunglasses. In December. In Kentucky. Without freezing my tail off. Did I mention its December?

I think everybody who saw me running today was taken back for a moment, because they were all bundled up out of habit; just like me this morning.

Everything about the weather made me want to get out on my treadmill bike:

Quirky inventions aside, this was the quickest run I've had in months. I knew, secretly, I needed to hold back. And I tried. Oh, how I tried. But it didn't work, not this time. Not in this weather. Not when I'm feeling this good. I just spaced out and ran, just to run.

I ended up running a shade over 3 miles, and loved every step of it. Here's the splits, you can yell at me if you like:


Time to get more studying done so I can make it to the pool tonight!


Marcy said...

30-40 IS WARM! LOL I don't know about the shorts though . . .you're crazy LOL

Who is SLB+? said...

Ugh, your splits make me so sick...such is the life of an old fart!

nwgdc said...

that was awesome...at first, when watching that video, i was thinking "i need one!" and then, well, i realized that it's pretty much pointless.
congrats on a great run! welcome back, speed merchant!!

Reid said...

Nice splits. I had a similar run yesterday. Doesn't it feel good to go fast?! Gotta love it.

And where can I pick up one of those treadmill bikes? Uh... It's for a friend...of course.

Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

Yeah, we're having a heat wave down here, too. Upper (!) 70s yesterday and today. New records are being set.

Anyways, nice run! You'd smoke me if we ran together.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

The future of urban transportation? Ha ha.

You're back to smoking us all. :D

bill carter said...

Look at those splits! There is no doubt when you can run like that.. you are back! I am really looking forward to us getting together for a run in Michigan. I don't think I'll be running in shorts though..