Thursday, December 6, 2007

I'd Like to Say I'm......

No, I can't say it.. not yet. I can't jinx the progress I'm making.

But lets look at the facts. In the last seven days, I've run 8.77 miles and my hip is feeling wonderful. Although I've had weeks with higher mileage, this is the highest pain free mileage I've had since the beginning of September!

I'm hoping I can keep this progress going, and as long as I don't do anything stupid I think I can keep it up. Once I get up to 5 miles I think I'll be able to mutter the words I won't let myself say just yet.

On a less positive note, I lost my sunglasses. And no, not some cheap-o pair from Walmart, these were the $120 pair I got from my parents for my birthday in 2006. My wonderfully comfortable sunglasses I barely notice are on my head. The ones I could have a seizer with and they wouldn't move a millimeter.

I'm really, really hoping they turn up somewhere soon, but my apartment isn't that big and I've searched the entire thing up and down. And my car. I must have dropped them after my ride Saturday, because thats the last place I remember having them. One way or another, I think they'll turn up or I'll give in to buy some new ones. Update: Found 'em! They were in my car. Fell off the opposite side of the passenger's seat.

Since I'm not one to dwell on the negative, here's a few positive things. I rocked that assignment that demolished my Thanksgiving "break." I still feeling completely on top of everything in school, only 1/3 of an assignment left this semester! Not to mention everything that I said was going right in my last post.

Here's to progress.


Nancy said...

I'll drink to that! (well, I'll drink to just about anything, but don't let that diminish my expression of happiness for you!)

Great job on the assignment, I still say that dude is a big jerk.

Glad you are mending. :D

Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

congrats on your progress. And sorry about those shades. Bummer!

Jess said...

I second every word Nancy wrote. Perhaps I can trail her all her comments, then I don't have to think too hard!

Marcy said...

Sweet!! I'm so glad you found them! I know how it feels to "lose" something you love. I lost my engagement ring a couple weeks ago. I about shint my pants. Looked high and low, retraced my steps only to find it (and thankfully still there) laying in the parking lot of my 3 y.o's preschool *phewwwww* It fell off my finger :-/ Forget the insurance, that thing has sentimental value.

Stuart said...

Sounds like you're rounding the bend injurywise, but yes sshh don't tell anyone about it!

Sunglasses, oh crapola....yay, I hate losing stuff that it really screw me up.

How's the naming thing coming on?

Bill Carter said...

Glad to hear all is well with that hip.. I hate to be a follower, but I could also trail everything Nancy says... she can speak for me anytime.