Thursday, December 27, 2007

Delaying the Inevitable

Yesterday my sister woke up feeling sick. Today, both my parents were feeling a little under the weather. I still feel okay. But its practically guaranteed that, save a miracle, I'm going to be getting sick in the next few days. Ugh!

I'm doing everything I can to hold it off. I've been drinking lots of orange juice and water to boost my immune system and flush out my system. My hands have probably been washed more today than they have in the past week! Also, I spent as little time in the house as possible today.

I made a trip to the nearest running store, which is 60 miles away, to get some new running shoes since my current ones are wearing out. Then I further postponed coming back to this germ-hole by browsing around Borders for a while, looking at cycling and triathlon books.

After secluding myself by reading a book on swimming, I did the only logical thing and took a trip to the pool for the first time in a few weeks. I'm trying to incorporate some techniques the book talks about in order to make my stroke even more efficient. So far I've gotten my freestyle down to just 15 strokes per lap; a HUGE improvement over the 27 it took me a few months ago!

Tonight I have to start getting ab workouts going again. I've been slacking big time on the goals I set a while back! The stability ball and medicine ball I got for Christmas are really encouraging me to get on top of it now.

And, this just in... (Literally. I got an email while typing this.) I'm officially teaching next semester. Really teaching. Last semester I just taught a lab, but now I'm actually going to be lecturing a classroom of students. I'm excited and worried about it. Its a great opportunity, but how much time is this going to require? I'm hoping it doesn't keep me from training as much as I want to!

And, some responses to comments:

Bill - I use the Garmin Forerunner 305. I love it and how it tells me every possibly thing I could want to know about my running. If heart rate data isn't important to you, the 205 is a bit cheaper.

Vickie - Yeah. That weather sure is fun! Wasn't as bad as the Illinois winter last year, but I'm sure Michigan had it even worse! Luckily I shouldn't be back to Michigan until its nice and toasty again.

Marcy - Yep. I'm definitely trying to make you jealous! But I've earned this break big time, I'll go back to being a sleep deprived college student soon enough!

Everybody else - Thanks so much for the encouraging comments lately! But be careful, your enthusiasm only pushes mine to increasingly dangerous levels!


nwgdc said...

hit up the Airborne or Emergen-C supplements...i've got something lingering also. it's kinda a job hazard, but that stuff, especially if taken before you really have the symptoms come on, can prevent the illness from settling in and taking root.

as for you comment on my goals...great point--19 miles a week? sheesh...gotta up that one.

Marcy said...

I was going to second the Airborne. I've heard a lot of good things about it.

Ooooooo does this mean we get to call you professor now? ;-) CONGRATS!!

Nancy said...

Hope you evade the germs. I had a sickie at my house too, just waiting for mayhem to ensue.

Congrats on the teaching. You are Mr. Prepared. I have all the confidence that you will handle this like you handle everything else (even that jerky dude that gives ridiculous 50 hour assignments on holidays.) If you want it bad enough, you figure out a way (that's not me, that's Anthony Robbins) :D

Bill Carter said...

Dude, teaching a class all by yourself?? Professor Cichon?? Despite all the kidding, I think that is really cool.

Everybody in my office (not just the patients) is sick right now so I know my time is coming.

BTW, I am definitely getting a Garmin. That is the coolest thing ever.

Talk to you soon.