Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dirty Little Cheaters

This post has nothing to do with running, so don't expect anything. I just need to vent for a moment.

I have always heard of a vast amount of cheating in graduate school. I always shrugged it off. I don't cheat, it doesn't matter to me. Plain and simple.

This week we have an (extremely simple) assignment due in my Graphics class, and there are 4-5 Indian students who are constantly asking me for help because apparently they can't tell their *ss from a hole in the ground. My rule was simple: I answer questions about ideas, not homework problems. I will explain a concept to another student without blinking an eye, but I won't help you get through #2, etc.

Today my rule has been amended, and it will become official in about two hours. Amendment: "If you ask me 'can I copy your homework?'," you will get turned in without me blinking an eye. At this point I don't care if you get expelled or deported, I'm fed up with this crap. If you want to get somewhere, turn in your own work. Plain and simple.

In class I had a girl flat out ask me to copy my homework; I flat out told her "no." In hind sight, I should have asked her what her name was before I said no, because I have no idea who to turn in besides "the Indian girl in teal who sits behind me and to the left." Either way, I have a meeting with my professor at 6 to demo my homework, with a side of reporting plagiarism.


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Jess said...

Wow, in grad school? That kind of stuff went on in high school, but I didn't expereince anything like that in grad school. Of course, I was in the English department and all we do there is read, talk about what we read, and then write about what we read. I think, aside from buying term papers online, there are few ways to cheat with that kind of work.