Wednesday, September 19, 2007

No Running: Day 4 of 6

Its my fourth day in a row that I haven't run; man do I miss it. The one week I can't run is the week when its 60 degrees in the morning and sunny with a light breeze. Its absolutely perfect every day this week, and other runners are out enjoying it. Every day on the way to class I see people running, a lot more than usual too.

My hip hasn't hurt at all the past two days; although it isn't perfect. There has been no pain, but it doesn't feel like my other hip. I don't know how to explain it really, so I'm not going to try. However, the lack of pain is much like Saturday morning, and I'm going to give it a few more days regardless. It simply isn't worth the risk of having to take yet another week off with Chicago only a few weeks away!

Last night I called home, and my dad haphazardly asked me if I'm eating okay down here. Ironically, he asked this at a time where my diet has been one of my top priorities! I don't think my response of all the healthy food I've been eating was expected at all!

I just got done on the exercise bike. Only one more day of biking and I should be back. Right now the plan is to go for a test run on Saturday afternoon. Probably around 2-3 miles. If my hip hurts afterwards then we know I will need the steroid injection, and precisely where to get it since it will bring out the sore spot. So my friend Jim is wrong when he said I just wanted the injection "to get an edge during Tuesday morning push ups!" The one downside to getting it is that it will make it sore for a few days, but should heal after that. Because of this, I can't get it as just a 'good luck' sort of thing.

Workout details:

Distance: 14.25 miles
Time: 40 minutes
Avg Heart Rate: 148
Max Heart Rate: 155



Bill Carter said...


First time I've checked out your blog and its kind of like mine. I'm a guy also trying to break that 3 hour marathon. I got sidetracked by nasty weather in Erie, but I still managed a 3:07. Good luck with what your doing and it looks like you've put in some solid work.


nwgdc said...

Well, Doug, I took your advice. How Ironic you're telling me not to run, and you're posting about how much it sucks! I didn't run yesterday, and it was the right decision. Today i'm doing some hill/tempo work in the woods, and then it'll be easy runs until this weekend. With the well-advised rest, i'm aiming for a 1:33 this weekend.
Just remember--the hip may feel better, but the pain is the last thing to show up with an injury and the first thing to go away...keep stretching and going gentle on it!

Marcy said...

For real?!? Dang you! I just pedaled my but off for 50 minutes and came in with 14.7 mi.

Let's hope that test run goes well Sat!