Thursday, September 13, 2007

Last day on the sweat machine?

My hip feels great today! But as promised, today was another day on the dreaded sweat machine. Someone actually was on the workout room today too. Five minutes into my workout, a guy got on the treadmill. Fifteen minutes into my workout, he was done -- nice workout, dude. I sat on the bike for exactly one hour today, and according to the machine that I'm convinced needs to be calibrated, I rode 22.1 miles. These last few days make me feel like Marcy, except I've never had conversations with my crotch, thank God!

Since this is all I have about my workout, here is my heart rate chart during my biking. See, I'm not slacking on the bike! I left my workout going on my watch after I stopped, which is why there is a drop at the end.

I'm sticking with my usual heating, icing, tylenoling scheme today, even though my hip feels great. I figure it can't be 100% just yet, so I'm going to give it as much encouragement as possible to get there! After tomorrow off, and the massage, I'm extremely optimistic it will be ready to go Saturday; but honestly, when aren't I optimistic?

The book I ordered Monday night should be here soon. I got the 3-5 day shipping on Amazon, but according to their tracking website its already somewhere in Lexington, even though the earliest estimated delivery date was the 17th; hey, I'll take it! Update: The book just got here, approximately 60 hours after I ordered it with one of the cheapest shipping options. I love amazon!

Also, the other day CollegeGirl suggested Pilates to help strengthen my core. I might look into it sometime after Chicago since I don't want to mix things up too much this close to the race. If you know of any good books on them, let me know!

Thats all I got for you. I need to clean up and eat so I can get to grading a bunch of quizzes and labs. Is it bad that I look forward to grading simply because sometimes the answers are so ridiculously stupid I have to take a break because I'm laughing so hard? Does that make me a horrible person?


Jes said...

HAHA, first of all I understand the grading! I had a girl in one of my analyical chem. labs that insisted on her charts and graphs being pink. She even had pink staples. (And a pink star tattoo on her wrist.)

Pilates really is quite amazing! I have noticed a definite difference in my core strength, and I especially recommend it after running because your muscles are all warmed up which makes the stretching sooooo much easier.

I'm glad that your hip is feeling better, and I love your optimism, so keep it up!

Unknown said...
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Marcy said...

Sorry the delete was me :P

You're a man! You're born with that natural ability to talk to "it" LOL Come on, admit it . . .you have once in your life LOL

I can't believe you stayed on for a full hr. 55 min is my max. Even with tv and/or mp3 player I go nuts. Sweet job!

Tri+Umph said...

Okay, maybe once or twice, but I didn't tell the world about it (until now!) ;)

The sweat machine is horrible, I don't know how I last as long as I do on it, its sooooo boring even with good music! I put in two hours a few weeks ago in place of a long run... but lets not talk about that, it brings back horrible, horrible memories.